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Tux Paint is a free raster graphic software aimed at children that can be downloaded from its parent website. The software’s primary purpose is to encourage creativity. Tux Paint was created by a single developer, Bill Kendrick, who maintains it along with a team of volunteer developers for free.


There are a number of features included in Tux Paint that are standard in most software of this type. Basic drawing tools including paintbrushes, polygons, lines, and text. Alongside this are multiple levels of the undo and redo function that prevent mistakes from being permanent.

Advanced drawing tools are also available in Tux Paint. Filters and special effects can be applied to a drawing, such as blurring, fading, or a chalk-like appearance. Despite its simplicity, incredible works of art can be made in this software.

Due to being aimed at kids, there are a number of controls available to parents and teachers. They can disable features and alter the behavior of the app to better suit children. Options that make Tux Paint more accessible to young children and disabled persons are also present.

Accessibility is the forefront of development for Tux Paint, with localization in over 80 languages. The program is available as basic software, is easily installed, and is guaranteed to be safe for its users.


The overall simplicity of the software makes it a poor choice for particularly artistic individuals. Whether it’s used by children, teens, or adults, the app can be limiting to growth. However, this isn’t a fault of the app in particular, and simply means the user may need better tools.


There’s an immeasurable number of raster graphic software available to use as editors. However, only some are aimed at children, such as MyPaint, while others are not always free to use, such as Kid Pix.

MyPaint is one of the most basic, yet tried and true graphics software available for free. Kid Pix is often seen as the gold standard for child-friendly painting software, though some versions of the software come with a price tag that Tux Paint doesn’t have.

Our take

Tux Paint is a simplistic and easily-accessible raster graphics editor for children. The software is designed to allow children to create freely while inspiring them. Despite being free and worked on by volunteers, the program remains highly reliable.

Should you download it?

Yes, it’s perfect for parents and their children.

Tux Paintfor Windows


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