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No Internet connection required

Poor network or low bandwidth? SHAREit is the portable solution for lightning-fast file transfers.

Stop turtle slow file-sharing

If you still rely on Bluetooth to transfer your files, there is an option 200 times faster: SHAREit.

SHAREit is an easy to use cloud-based resource sharing solution. If you have ever wrestled with figuring out how to get a file from one device to another device or from a computer to a phone, you know how challenging that whole process can be. SHAREit boasts more than 1.5 billion downloads from around the world.

Smartphone manufacturers have developed their own workaround, in most cases, to help you move files. But too many of these file transfer programs are brand restrictive or impossible to use. Third-party file apps like SHAREit make content sharing easy.

You can transfer your videos, images, and documents between devices by making a local hotspot. The SHAREit software explains how to connect devices from within the program. This service won’t add to data costs and a poor Internet connection won’t stop the sharing of your files. Imagine it: file sharing without fussing with cables, searching for a USB drive, or added network charges. Using Android 6.0 and above? you must allow location permission to find your friend’s hotspot.

SHAREit became one of the first peer-to-peer sharing app partners to join forces with Google Play in verifying app authenticity. Google Play's security metadata program integration will help you ensure that the app you think you are getting from a friend is the authentic app -- even when offline.

Bonus: the SHAREit apps will appear within the Play library. The next time the device is online, it will be possible to manage app updates too. It’s a powerful dose of security for frequent and infrequent file-sharers.

Using SHAREit file-sharing software

Sharing files between a PC and a mobile phone is easy, as long as you install the app on both devices, and ensure the devices are both connected to a common WiFi hotspot. Follow the in-app prompts. Once you’ve done that, you can connect your PC and share files using a QR code within the app.

Or, you can tap on the “Show Hotspot of Mobile” link to connect your computer to your phone. Connected? Transfer over your images, videos, documents, and screenshots of any size -- in seconds. Drag-and-drop files from your laptop to your phone. You have choices on the sort of file you want to transfer, but a simple tap will start the process.

Have a file on your phone you need to access from your computer? Establish the connection. “Search for PC,” approve the link up between your devices, and transfer away. You don’t need to be well-versed in the geek side of things to understand how to use this sharing solution.

Did you forget if you transferred that document from your smartphone to your laptop? Did you receive those images you wanted? When was that? SHAREit removes the guesswork. Check out the “History” section for a look at your past downloads no matter if they were sent or received. The item list will include the name of the sender, the size of the file, and the date and time the file was sent.

Where can you run this program?

SHAREit is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac for painless cross platform file support.For Windows users it is available from Windows 7 upwards.

Is there a better alternative?

SHAREit is a one stop content delivery platform. SHAREit file transfer technology simplifies the once exhausting file-transfer process. Or, at least, it did. Opening the mobile app reveals a boatload of bloatware: animated ads, rotating videos, and auto-play video advertising dominate the home screen. Tapping an ad instead of a menu item is inevitable. Perform an action in the app and an auto-play video ad appears after completion. There are less bulky file-sharing options.

If you don’t need the extra features SHAREit provides, like the space analyzer, junk cleaner, or a roll call of featured programs from the SHAREit family of products, you may want to look elsewhere. The mobile app offers many unnecessary extras.

Avoid ads altogether with ShareMe (previously known as MiDrop) or the premium version of Feem. With Feem, you can connect multiple devices -- but only if you pay for it. Still, Feem does boast 50x faster file transfers than using Bluetooth alone. Local transfers are equipped with TLS (Transport Layer Security) and you can transfer private files in your LAN (and bypass the Cloud). The resumable file transfer option puts Feem and ShareMe in a nice position.

Our take

The goal of SHAREit is to allow anyone, anywhere, regardless of location or Internet quality, access to digital content. This platform performs the function fast, as promised, even with the ads.

Should I download it?

Yes, even though the abundance of ads and the large assortment of unrelated material within the SHAREit app can be a turn-off. SHAREit doesn’t know what it wants to be. Social network? File sharing app? Phone cleaner? Use the free program to recover your files, but don’t forget there are alternatives if the ads prove too much.


  • SHAREit doesn’t rely on an Internet connection to transfer files
  • Switch over files at speeds of 20 megabytes a second
  • Multiple device and brand connectivity.


  • Irrelevant
  • invasive ads sometimes featuring inappropriate content for youth
  • Can be buggy and hard to connect devices
  • Extra unrelated features can make the app confusing

SHAREitfor Windows

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