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Microsoft’s free image editing software

MS Paint is a free Microsoft program for creating and editing picture files on your Windows PC. While not the most advanced graphic software out there, it’s among the pioneers of similar tools that saw a massive revamp over time, becoming a sophisticated painting app.

A well-known tool

The original MS Paint came out in 1985, and it’s been a part of the Windows package ever since. 

The program went through numerous upgrades but kept the simplicity that made it so liked in the first place. While far from the advanced level of third-party graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator and Krita, it’s still capable of producing detailed creations. 

Although Microsoft announced it would discontinue the program in 2019 and it’s now in the stage where it doesn’t receive active updates anymore

Straightforward UI

Microsoft Paint’s primary feature is a drawing tool for painting on a blank canvas or existing image. You’ll also find resizing, rotating, skewing, and cropping tools. The user interface resembles other Microsoft programs, with the features aligned on the top and on the left side. Some tips pop up as you’re clicking around the toolbar, but most features are intuitive enough that you don't even need them. You can save your work in BMP, PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. 

Paint 3D features

One of the latest upgrades introduced 3D design to the scope of Paint’s functionalities. It doesn’t require a touch-screen but is compatible with stylus and Surface Pro devices if you want to use them. The new features are straightforward, with a menu on the left and an object panel on the right side of your screen.

You can start building a model from scratch or grab a prebuilt design to work on. Other tools let you drag them across the Z-axis to add depth to your 3D image.

Our take

Overall, MS Paint retained much of its old charm while staying relevant for modern Windows users. It’s still handy for multiple purposes.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s excellent for performing simple editing tasks without having to watch tutorials.


  • Improved yet familiar interface
  • No learning curve
  • Range of powerful features
  • Easy 3D modeling


  • No longer updated
  • Not an advanced tool

MS Paintfor Windows


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