Belarc Advisorfor Windows


System info in one place

Belarc Advisor is a program for develops that allows you to see your system information in one place. It creates a detailed view of all your installed hardware and software.

Handy for developers

Belarc Advisor is handy for developers due to the depth of information it provides.

Belarc Advisor provides developers with lots of useful information. It is easy to view the network inventory, anti-virus, security benchmarks, and missing Microsoft hotfixes. Belarc Advisor displays the results in your Web browser. It is still secure as it does not upload this information to any external web servers. It is a staple for any developer wishing to gain information on a new network they are working on. The software is particularly good when working with new networks for this reason. It is easy to set-up, and use on any network.

The reporting for the system details is useful too. It is much easier to read than the competitors. It gives you more insight into the network you are working on, and is so easy to access that you can’t fail to enjoy it.

Belarc Advisor is completely free to download, and use. The installation process is easy. There is a lot of support available to make sure you are getting the most out of it. It is not designed for use commercially. But, you can use it privately, and there are other license options available.

Where can you run this program?

Belarc Advisor is compatible with Windows XP, and later. It is not available for Mac OS. You can run it with any web browser.

Is there a better alternative?

No, there isn’t a better alternative to Belarc Advisor. The competition, such as Cryptlex, DevSuite, and SIW are not as good. You won't find the same level of features available with the others.

Our take

Belarc Advisor is excellent for developers, and is super useful to have in your toolkit. Developers will find value in it, and should check it out

Should you download it?

Yes, download it now. It is free to download, and install so will not cost you anything. Developers, get Belarc Advisor into your workflow.


  • Easy to read HTML reports
  • Secure system info
  • Simplifies automation
  • Free to download


  • No summary page
  • Has no portable version
  • Clunky and slow at times

Belarc Advisorfor Windows

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