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Bandicam screen recorder offers all the features you need to record your impressive gameplay for YouTube. Primarily built to record high-speed gaming, the program is intuitive and at the same time highly competitive, offering most of the key components of the software on the control panel. You can easily record your full screen or manually specify the area you prefer to capture.

If you're an amateur or professional gamer who would like to start a gaming channel in the rapidly booming gaming market of popular online video-sharing sites, then you got to have two things first: a PC's graphics card and lastly (but equally important) game recording software. While the solution to the first one of the two is easy, the second one can be a bit difficult. There are many game recording software options online. But with Bandicam, you need not look any further. The program is a desktop screen recording tool which offers various recording modes designed specially to cater to your video and screen recording needs and goals. This software will be your perfect recording buddy. Just click on the start button and let's play!

Not your ordinary gaming accessory

Bandicam screen recorder offers all the features you need to record your impressive gameplay for Youtube.

The software is equipped with basic and advanced settings and options to let you record your game footage on your desktop. Customize and configure your settings (which includes General, FPS, Video, Image, and Output) before recording your gaming sessions. An interesting option you can use is the add webcam overlay, available in Advanced Settings. This option will let you include your captured webcam footage on your recording screen. Additionally, if you have your own official gaming logo (preferably in PNG format), you can incorporate it directly unto your screen by activating it in the Logo Tab. Select your primary and secondary source of sound under the Video Record Settings. Moreover, two-sound mixing can be enabled to record primary and secondary sounds into one audio track. You can also enable hotkey display like record/stop hotkey and pause hotkey. Options to add mouse click effects and display of mouse cursor are also included. Lastly, you can set the limit of frames per second as well as rearrange FPS overlays using the FPS settings. After defining the setup and details of your choice, you can now start recording 2D/3D games that use DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphic technology. You may also record racing and fast-paced games using the software given that it can register up to 144 FPS and support 4K Ultra HD video resolution as well.

Other than your PC, the software also allows recording from devices such as AppleTV, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android, and PlayStation 3 or 4. The software can compress recorded videos in real time while maintaining the quality of the original video, as well as save your output files in AVI, MP4, or image file formats. The software's game recording feature is dynamic and the best in the industry. And there's more. You can also use its screen recording mode to customize outputs by using its key features such as highlighting, encircling, and setting up arrows. This last one can help point to items, images, or objects on the screen or project numbers to show steps, phases, and stages. You can also scribble and draw on the screen using the pencil function. These screen recording features are very effective and useful for producing professional-looking video tutorials for YouTube or social media platforms.

Where can you run this program>

You can use it exclusively for Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit). You can record and save videos using the free trial; however, all of your outputs will show Bandicam's watermark and recording length will be limited to 10 minutes per video.

Is there a better alternative?

Bandicam is absolutely the best game recording software you can use for your YouTube channel. The software is simply brilliant and offers the best quality output. Nonetheless, the software doesn't have its own built-in video editor which can be essential for online video creators. Most importantly, it lacks live streaming capabilities which you can find in other similar apps like OBS Studio (Open Broadcast Software). As the name suggests, it is a free open source utility for live streaming and video recording. It is frequently used by live streamers on Twitch as well as YouTube. 

Our take

The software is highly recommendable given its easy-to-understand interface and unique functions such as game recording mode and screen recording mode. Even if it's exclusively developed for Windows, the software still has the ability to record from other significant devices for gamers such as Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, and Android phones through its device recording mode. The software's growing number of satisfied users is just proof of the brand's credibility and unparalleled service. Even if the software has been around for a while now, the developers continue to add some substantial upgrades during every new release. Overall, Bandicam is at the top, trying to improve and upgrade to meet all the customers' recording needs.

Should you download it?

Yes, without a doubt. Recording let's play videos for your YouTube channel is made practically easier and more enjoyable. The software's unlimited service behind its one-time-pay bundle is not only brilliant, but also irresistible. Although, again, if you're more into live streaming then you should check out other similar software such as OBS Studio.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Record gameplay in 4K Ultra HD/ 144 FPS
  • Supports recording on Xbox and PlayStation
  • Ability to directly upload videos to YouTube


  • Limited trial version
  • Lacks live streaming
  • No available editing tools

Program available in other languages

Bandicam Screen Recorderfor Windows

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