SpaceSnifferfor Windows


Find out how files and folders are organized

Get a snapshot view of your hard drive usage by folder. Using an animated image, different sizes and colors allow you to see how you are using the space on your hard drive.

See your space

The app allows you to visually analyse the amount of space your files and folders are taking up on your hard drive.

You can also check the amount of space you are using on any external drives, as long as the device is connected to your PC.

This practical, useful tool allows you to manage the storage space on your hard drive. Free up space by deleting unnecessary files. By getting a visual representation of your usage, you can get an overview of the overall space utilization on your PC.

By using colorful squares, you can quickly identify which folders are taking up more space. By moving your mouse across each square, you can select a square you want more information about. Double click to see which files you have stored in that folder.

A convenient text field option allows you to manually search through all of the folders you have saved. Scans through your files with speed and accuracy.

Keep it stimulating by changing the configuration and colors from time to time. Streamline the different types of folders by assigning colors to specific types of files.

Using SpaceSniffer, you can manually tag your saved folders and files. This makes it more straightforward when you are searching for a specific file.

Where can you run this program?

As a single edition, SpaceSniffer is only available using the Windows operating platform.

Is there a better alternative?

No. SpaceSniffer is by far the best software to analyze space on your PC. A fast and effective way to manage the files and folders stored on your PC.

Our take

A comprehensive way to get a quick overview of files stored on either your PC or connected external drives. Easy to understand, and you can personalize the configuration.

Should you download it?

Yes. With this quick scanning and efficient app you can keep track of stored files and folders and manage available space on your PC.


  • Analyzes disk space
  • Free of charge
  • Visual diagram using different colors
  • Real-time updates
  • Find folders using the filter function


  • Blocks can become cluttered
  • Graphics are unattractive
  • Not supported on modern OSs

Program available in other languages

SpaceSnifferfor Windows

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