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Automated clicking software or auto clickers generate pre-recorded input or various current settings. So, if you frequently use your mouse for any personal or study projects, it’s time to download GS Auto Clicker. This leading auto-clicking program only needs you to press one specific HotKey to help you finish clicking. The result is a fully-automated and hassle-free experience.

Make clicks happen for you

Simple, sensible and efficient can only be used to describe GS Auto Clicker.

GS Auto Clicker boasts itself as a compact utility tool that clicks programs for you. But, how easy is it to run? You can expect the installation instructions to be incredibly simple and fast. Once you’ve confirmed the necessary instructions, you will not have to intervene anymore. It also has a sensible and straightforward interface, making it accessible for all user categories. You will find a large key labeled ‘Press F8.’This is because F8 is the default hotkey to get GS Auto Clicker running. This shouldn’t be a problem for desktop users, but laptop users should click F8 on the screen and change the hotkey.

Once you have your designated hotkey, you can sit back, relax and watch GS Auto Clicker work its magic. It will carry out your instructions flawlessly and smoothly that you won’t even notice it running.

When you have the program up and running, you can continue to adjust the settings and configurations in the options menu. Here, you can set up the mouse settings which include selecting the mouse buttons, how many clicks it will perform, and even click interval. The frequency can be set in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. You do not have to worry about managing these instructions since the program has a Smart Click feature so you always have an extensive record of mouse clicks. These recorded sequences of clicks can now be used repeatedly.

The program also features notable but uncommon features such as trigger-specific instructions, namely lock, log off, turn off, and balloon tips

Where can you run this program?

The latest version of GS Auto Clicker runs exclusively on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 64-bit systems.

Is there a better alternative?

If you are looking for an automated mouse clicker for PC games, then look no further than Auto-Clicker by Hemisoft.

This well-thought-out auto clicker is also easy to set up that even inexperienced players can get it up and running right away. Over the years, though, artists have been using this program for editors. It is because of the wide array of customization features should suit anyone that primarily use their mouse. Auto-Clicker can be used for inputting effects and shading

Auto-clicker has a large selection of clicking methods, switch hotkeys, and choose between single, double and triple clicks. It also stores all your preferences so they can be optimized later on.

But unlike GS Auto Clicker, Hemisoft failed to remove all the bugs out of the program. Expect your game or editor to lag when a high click rate is needed.

Our take

GS Auto Clicker is the perfect program for all types of users. It is a simple-to-configure piece of software that efficiently eliminates the mind-numbing task of clicking.

Should you download it?

Yes. Thanks to its automated mouse click feature, customizable hotkey support, and even shutdown options.

GS Auto Clickerfor Windows


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