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TransMac is a software written for use on Windows computers that allows you to read or write onto connected Mac drivers and hard disks. A tool suitable for any developer.

From .ISO to .dmg

With TransMac you’re able to connect your Windows computer with Mac hard disk and drivers to let you gain access.

By connecting, you’re able to open up a variety of files such as flash drives, disk media, dmg, and dmg part as well as sparseimage and sparsebundle items.

Mac computers are very secure, sometimes they’re a bit too secure and prevent you from using all of your computer that you’d like to. Mac is capable of preventing you from accessing your hard disk or drive content, especially if that content isn’t from the Mac store.

If somethings gone wrong with the coding on your Mac system, using TransMac to format the hard disk or restore your flash drive is easy. TransMac can also copy files from Windows to the hard disk or dmg images.

With a built-in burner functionality, you’ll quickly be able to burn an ISO or dmg file directly onto a CD or DVD. This gives you quick and handy transportation of data and the ability to back them up quickly.

TransMac will also allow you to create new dmg files, expand them into ISO files or compress those files to give you more hard disk space. You’re also able to read Mac multisession and hybrid CDs when you use Transmac.

Where can you run this program?

TransMac needs to be run on a Windows computer from Windows XP or newer depending on the version of TransMac you use.

Is there a better alternative?

No, there are very similar programs such as MacDrive but which one you use is up to you as both of these software stands equal. TransMac is a powerful program, but for its cost, it’s worth shopping around.

Our take

TransMac is a powerful tool for anyone who knows what they’re looking for on a Mac hard disk. Messing with files isn’t safe, but there’s a format feature in case things go badly.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re using both a Mac and a Windows computer system, then you should download TransMac.

TransMacfor Windows


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