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A free tool to manage Mac files from Windows

TransMac is a Windows utility software that can manage files and folders available on Apple devices. It works on several Mac-formatted storage devices, including USB drives, CDs, and hard drives. TransMac is also capable of mounting and burning disc image files. You can try the app’s various features with the 15-day free trial period.  

What is TransMac?

If you frequently toggle between two operating systems, you’ll appreciate the utility of TransMac software. It is essentially a storage manager that lets Windows users access the file system utilized by Apple devices. Once launched, you can use the tool to open, edit, copy, move, rename, and delete Mac folders and files. 

How does TransMac work?

You must be aware that Windows operating systems can’t access or copy data from Mac-formatted devices. However, with the help of TransMac, Windows users can transfer files from macOS discs and save them on their PCs. The latest version of the file management software offers speed improvements and acts as a great tool to manage images, videos, documents, and more. 

Developed by Acute Systems, TransMac full version free download comes with an in-built search bar that lets users find the files they wish to modify. It also includes filters that you can use to look up folders by date, extension, and size, among other options. Moreover, all files open in ‘read-only’ mode to prevent unnecessary changes. However, you can easily update this default feature from the settings menu of the app. 

In addition to file management, TransMac software lets users mount, create, and burn disc images in different formats. That includes file types such as ISO, IMG, and DMG files. When it comes to supporting mac-formatted discs, the software supports HFS, HFS+, and PFS format disk drives, along with HD floppies, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray files, and more. 

The app has a simple interface

After completing the TransMac download, you can install the tool as an executable or a ZIP file. Either way, the program will remain identical and provide several options while setting up. With regards to the interface, the layout is simple and user-friendly. It features a classic window with subtle theme variations and toolbar options that remain out of sight until needed. 

The panel on the left side of the TransMac software has a tree-view menu that makes finding essential tools easier. Additionally, the app has an Options menu that includes separate settings for macOS and Windows OS. A general settings menu lets users configure the app’s disc burning capabilities. TransMac also includes multiple user manuals with screenshots and FAQs for the benefit of the users. 

Does TransMac have any advanced features?

With the help of TransMac download, you can read and write Mac-format storage devices, such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, and USB drives. The software can even read the contents of hybrid CDs and MAC multisession CDs. In addition to this, the tool can map extensions and file types between platforms. It can also work with different drive formats like IDE, FireWire, ATAPI, IDE, and SCSI.

Is TransMac free?

You can use TransMac for free during its 15-day trial period. Once the trial ends, users must purchase a single or multi-user TransMac key for a lifetime. You can download this application on all versions of Windows, including Vista, XP, and Windows 8. In case you want to check out a few TransMac alternatives, you can explore HFSE Explorer, Power ISO, and 3uTool

Our take

With the help of TransMac software, you can work between two operating systems effortlessly. The software lets you easily create, modify, copy, rename, zip, or move Mac files to and from your Windows desktop. While few glitches may pop up when you work, it remains a handy software if you need to manage Mac-formatted storage devices from your PC. 

Should you download it?

If you wish to manage Apple disc files from a Windows operating system, there’s no better tool than TransMac. It’s a user-friendly tool that comes with a 15-day trial period. The software lets you modify, create, edit, and delete contents of Mac-formatted discs and also lets you mount, burn, and create disc images. TransMac download also offers a helpful user manual for beginners and advanced users.


  • Supports Mac-formatted storage devices
  • Can create and mount ISO files
  • Features a user-friendly interface


  • Minor bug fixes

Program available in other languages

TransMacfor Windows


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