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A helpful tool to automate keystrokes

Auto Typer is a utility tool that lets you automatically type in words and sentences using keyboard hotkeys and shortcuts. It’s a useful tool especially if you have to constantly type in repetitive texts, fill forms, and enter data into spreadsheets. 

In addition to this, Auto Typer download lets you configure an endless number of shortcuts to make typing repetitive words a seamless activity. The program offers a free trial period during which you explore it and its many features. 

What is Auto Typer?

When you’re using your Windows device, you’ll come across various tasks that you can easily automate. Some of these tasks include entering URLs that you use daily, filling application forms, and typing in repeated texts. All of these tasks are pretty mundane and take up unnecessary time. With Auto Typer, you can automate all of these entries using hotkeys and shortcuts available on your keyboard. 

Since the configuration process is pretty simple, you can download Auto Typer and start using the app instantly. In addition to this, the application has a clean and organized interface that lists all the configurations that you’ve set. Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for free. This does not mean, though, that you can't take advantage of its free limited period trial.

How does Auto Typer work?

Once you complete the Auto Typer download on your Windows device, you’ll be able to access the app from the device’s system tray. As soon as you launch the program, you’ll come across a simple interface with an ‘Add New’ icon. Clicking on this button gives you the option to define configurations for hotkeys and shortcuts. When you press the configured keys, you’ll be able to see the corresponding text entered. 

In case you want to type in sentences instead of just words, the software offers an easy solution. To add multiple lines automatically, you can click on the Enter key, along with a corresponding hotkey or shortcut. While this may seem complicated in the beginning, once you start using the application, defining keystrokes and automating tasks becomes a breeze. 

How is the app’s interface?

Auto Typer free download has a clean and straightforward interface that is easy to use. However, the application’s layout is a little outdated and may not appeal to all users. Yet, even then, the layout does turn out to be quite beneficial: it lets you create several hotkeys without any hassle. 

Auto Typer for Windows lets you draw up as many customizations as you want. The app also offers various predefined customizations for every available hotkey. In addition to this, you can easily open the app and access various shortcuts using the F12 and F6 keys. Once configured, the app lets you fill forms, enter repetitive texts, and automate sentences

Is Auto Typer free?

Unfortunately, Auto Typer isn’t free. However, the app does offer a free trial period during which users can work on the app 20 times before purchasing the license. 

Once you buy the application, you can use it for free for as long as you like. The app works on all Windows versions, including Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10. 

Are there any alternatives?

Auto Typer is a useful application that lets you automate typing by recording repetitive texts and words. However, many programs in the market offer the same functionality for free. Some of these apps include TinyTask, X-Mouse Button Control, Auto Clicker by Polar, and GS Auto Clicker.

Our take

For a simple tool that automates repetitive tasks, Auto Typer is quite good. Its interface is old-school, which may not work for most users. However, all you need to do with the layout is set the configurations for hotkeys and close it. 

When it comes to shortcuts and hotkeys, the app lets you set an unlimited number of configurations, so that you can seamlessly type in URLs, fill forms, and type in repetitive text with just a single keystroke. 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a typing automation software for your Windows device, you should download Auto Typer. It features a beginner-friendly interface that lets users set configurations for different hotkeys and shortcuts. With its help, you can automate several repetitive tasks and save a lot of time. 


  • Automates repetitive keystrokes
  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Supports hotkeys for shortcuts
  • Fills in forms automatically


  • Only basic functionality

Program available in other languages

Auto Typerfor Windows


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