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Free iOS file manager

3uTools is a free tool that lets you manage files on your iOS device through your computer. The collection of features available make the app a great choice to use when customizing your iPhone or iPad. You can set new ringtones, clear your cache, backup data, or prevent the iOS from updating.

Jailbreak your iPhone

3uTools can quickly match the firmware available for your iPhone or iPad and jailbreak it accordingly. You can iOS flash regularly, as a device firmware upgrade and in recovery mode. The process can be completed within a single click, requiring no complicated selections or steps.

This reliable and straightforward process reduces the risk of breaking your device by attempting to jailbreak your iOS tablet or smartphone yourself. The software is not malware and won’t install a malicious version of the Apple operating system.

Manage files

Using 3uTools, you can quickly find and identify files you want to move to your Windows 10 computer. Aside from merely moving files, you can initiate a complete backup of your device’s data. When you need to use a previously created backup, you can begin the process of restoring it from within the application as well.

Customize your device

3uTools allows you to customize your phone’s ringtone with ease, as well as to make your own. Additionally, the application can manage and rearrange icons on your home screen. You can share wallpapers from your computer onto your iOS device within moments.

Many extra features

There are many useful features available with 3uTools that you can use on your iOS device. You can view a real-time log of events happening on your phone or share its screen as you play a game.

Additionally, you can download and install a variety of items onto your iPhone and iPad device that may or may not be found on the App Store. The items you can download include applications, ringtones, and wallpapers. These are all easily managed using the 3uTools application.

Our take

3uTools is a useful tool that efficiently manages the files and other aspects of your iOS device. The program serves as a free and safe alternative to iTools and iMazing. Overall, the software has many uses to offer and lessens the risk of breaking your iPhone when jailbreaking.

Should you download it?

Yes. This application is an excellent tool for managing files on your iOS device, customizing it with ringtones and wallpapers. The backup feature is essential in case anything goes wrong with your iOS device. 


  • All in one tool
  • Download apps and customize your screen
  • Jailbreak your device


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