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Free mouse click automation tool

FYT Auto Clicker is a utility application that automates your mouse click. It provides you with the option to eliminate manually performing repetitive and monotonous clicks. This free Windows application allows you to set multiple click patterns that you can automate with a click. With this, you can save time and effort in doing repetitive tasks.

What is FYT Auto Clicker?

FYT Auto Clicker is a Windows tool that can simulate mouse clicks on your computer. It can click unlimited times—or you can set the number of clicks at a given time. You can also put a delay range between each click. The bottom line is that once you set this clicker app into motion, you can sit back and relax and let it do the job for you.

How do you use FYT Auto Clicker?

The interface is simple and displays all the tools you need to customize the clicks that FYT Auto Clicker will optimize. You can see the options for the delay interval between clicks and the click limiter. Moreover, you can choose between AFK Click or Burst Click. You can then select which mouse button, either left or right, and which click type, single or double, you prefer.

The last option is the cursor location. Here, you can choose your current location—where the cursor is placed last before the auto clicker app starts—or pick a different coordinate. You can input both X and Y coordinates. Best of all, you can initiate its operation via a hotkey that you can configure. 

Is FYT Auto Clicker free?

The FYT Auto Clicker download is easy and consumes very few resources on your PC. Despite being free, it does not disrupt workflow by showing advertisements. It also works on all Windows versions. However, it requires Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime and Microsoft Update Health Tools to work. If you are looking for alternatives, you can try the GS Auto Clicker, Auto Typer, and TinyTask.

Our verdict

Overall, the FYT Auto Clicker is a handy application that enables users to save time and effort. It offers a range of essential features and functions displayed in a simple package. With this, you can perform repetitive tasks with ease.


  • Free to download and use
  • Features hotkey automation
  • Unlimited clicks option available
  • Two modes available


  • Requires two other programs to work

Program available in other languages

FYT Auto Clickerfor Windows


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