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Free secure video meeting platform

Google Meet is a free-to-use, business-focused conferencing platform by Google. It’s a full-featured toolset that caters to large companies’ needs, ensuring they can host meetings safely and hassle-free. The cross-device app is all about security and reliability, using its robust features to provide a seamless user experience.

Professional & secure

Meet exploded in popularity with the growing need for a secure, business-first communication suite. With Microsoft Teams and Zoom as its main competition, it unlocked many of its premium features to the general user base.

While it still limits the meeting duration to one hour and 100 participants, it’s an impressive set. Its primary selling point is security, with Google’s safe by default approach to web development. There are robust host controls for fine-tuning the details, too.

Intuitive communication tools

This tool covers all the essentials for workspace video communication. You can participate in meetings through chat, voice or video, share your screen to present slides and documents, and join broadcasted events.

Access to in-call functionalities is highly intuitive on Android and iOS mobile devices. The platform shows you all the options on-screen, such as muting your microphone, turning the camera on and off, and sending messages. 

Call recording is another handy feature. It lets you keep a copy or transcript, powered by Google’s proprietary speech-to-text tech, on your Google Drive to share with absent parties.

Excellent organization

Starting a new meeting is as simple as clicking the button to launch a conference. The platform automatically generates a link for you to send to other participants through email or messaging apps. 

Alternatively, you can set up meetings in advance and add them to your Google Calendar. That way, everybody can keep the date and time in mind and get a reminder in advance.

Our take

Overall, while it could include more video call features for different communities, this platform performs smoothly and reliably. It’s a fantastic business tool for overseas conferences and day-to-day professional communication.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need a secure, robust platform for large business meetings, Google Meet is among the most reliable solutions available right now.


  • Fully integrated with G Suite
  • Highly secure
  • Clean user interface


  • The free version limits call duration

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Google Meetfor Android


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