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EV3 Classroom LEGO® Education

The EV3 Classroom LEGO® Education app is an educational application designed for teachers and students to use in the classroom. It provides a comprehensive reference tool for the LEGO® Education platform, offering over 2,000 pages of content and interactive activities. With the app, users can find answers to their questions, scan QR codes, take notes, and access a collection of learning resources. It is compatible with both the iPad and iPhone, and is free to download and use, with a 30-day trial included.

The EV3 Classroom LEGO® Education app is a valuable resource for educators and learners alike. Its extensive content and interactive features make it an engaging and informative tool for exploring the LEGO® Education platform. Whether you're a teacher looking for teaching materials or a student seeking additional resources, this app has you covered. The QR code reader adds an extra level of convenience, allowing users to easily access online content related to their lessons. Additionally, the ability to take notes and create a personal collection of learning resources enhances the app's functionality. Overall, the EV3 Classroom LEGO® Education app is a must-have for anyone using the LEGO® Education platform in the classroom.

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EV3 Classroom LEGO® Educationfor Windows

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