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An easy-to-use learning app!

Google Classroom is a comprehensive learning package. It’s available as part of the G Suite for Education platform, which includes Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and several other apps. Google Classroom is targeted towards students and teachers associated with K-12 and higher education. The platform integrates with various student information systems and popular learning-based websites, such as, Discovery Education, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Quick, simple, and expansive learning options!

An education app that connects teachers and students!

Google Classroom is a free learning app that allows students and teachers to connect online. The popular Android app provides paperless assignment workflows, which help teachers create, mark, and review assignments in one place. Additionally, teachers can use Google Classroom to send announcements and start discussions. Students can share resources with each other and provide answers to a wide range of questions on the stream.

Plenty of features to allow learning

Google Classroom focuses on bridging the technology gap between teachers and students. Over time, it proves to be a solid engagement platform in education and communication. Since it works seamlessly with various Cloud-based offerings from Google, the app makes the learning process paperless, quick, and convenient.

As mentioned earlier, teachers can use the Android app to make announcements. Moreover, they can follow students’ progression through a wide range of lessons in real-time. Similarly, students can keep a track of the tasks due for completion. All the work can be submitted on the platform electronically.

As a learning platform, Google Classroom comes with a simple and clean interface. Whether you’re familiar with online learning modules or not, the platform lets you get used to the navigation with ease.

Where can you run this program?

Google Classroom is available as a mobile app for Android devices and iPhones. With more than 50 million downloads on the Play Store, the platform has become immensely popular among students and teachers around the world. In the US, it has garnered a lot of attention to be among the top five apps.

Is there a better alternative?

In case you want to check out other alternatives, Edmodo will be a good choice. It provides teachers with the right tools to share lessons, update parents, and build a vibrant learning community. Since students can log in and participate from any computer, tablet, or phone, it’s more convenient to use. Another popular learning platform is Virtually. It allows you to build an online trade school, which focuses on live conferencing, payment processing, and student management.

Our take

Teachers and school authorities have always tried to reduce smartphone usage on campuses. With digital advancements, it’s now possible to use the same technology to learn and grow. With Google Classroom, teachers and students can seamlessly connect to explore various subjects and assignments.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! Google Classroom allows teachers and students to stay on track with courses and assignments. With a comprehensive feature list, the app focuses on future work deadlines, homework assignments, assignment collection, and more. If you have a Google Apps for Education account, this app is a must-download.


  • Plenty of lessons and assignments
  • Quick access to study materials
  • No lost work
  • Continuous engagement


  • Difficult account management
  • Few integration options

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Google Classroomfor Android


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