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Scratch is a reference and education software developed for ages 8 to 16 but receives use by all ages. The software teaches you to build and create your own programs and applications.

Learn to write code

Implement basic commands to animate your character. Command options include moving, dancing, singing, and interacting with other characters.

Learn to code at any age with Scratch. It is great for school, home, library, and community center settings. Scratch is built as a tool to teach any and everyone about basic coding. It allows for the creation of animations, games, and other interactive content. Essential concepts about coding languages are highlighted to improve learning capabilities. You will grow essential programming skills such as creativity, co-working on projects, and logical reasoning.

You can implement basic commands to animate your characters. Command options include moving, dancing, singing, and interacting with other characters. The process is simpler than industry-standard languages such as C++, Javascript, and Swift.

Programming in Scratch involves moving around blocks similar to puzzle pieces. You can create images with unique responses depending on your mouse movements. You can insert audio clips and sound effects to create a more enticing project.

Starting to use Scratch is easy, but it gradually becomes complicated as you’ll discover many features to add to your projects. Share your completed work online as you distribute it in the Scratch community and social media sites such as Facebook and Discord.

By sharing your creations, you’ll receive feedback and discover new techniques that have benefited other users. You’re able to work on your project with or without an internet connection, making editing an excellent choice for when you’re on the go.

Where can you run this program?

Scratch is available for both Windows and MacOS systems but unfortunately does not have any version available for Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

No, Scratch is developed by MIT’s Media Lab and fulfills its purpose of teaching others to code through a simple process. Once you’ve learned to code move to GDevelop and create a full feature game.

Our take

Scratch is fantastic software to use when learning to code, especially for young people and beginners who don’t know where to start learning.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking to learn to code or want to improve your child’s computer literacy, this is the ideal software to use.


  • Intuitive learning process
  • Simple graphics blocks
  • Integration for audio clips
  • Shareable to Scratch community


  • Lacks features for serious coding
  • Not compatible on all computers
  • Slow to maximize all features

Program available in other languages

Scratchfor Windows


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