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A free security app for photos

Gallery Vault is a free security mobile app designed to protect your privacy with your photos. The app hides photos and videos behind an encrypted password protection system. The overall features of the app make it unique among its competitors.


The primary feature of Gallery Vault is that it allows you to store photos in the app that you don’t want others to see. The app then takes these photos and encrypts them to prevent forced entry. There aren’t any limits to the app on the storage of photos or videos.

The Gallery Vault app has multiple methods to open and secure the files. It also gives users options for app preferences. These range from a standard password all the way to fingerprint recognition software. Additionally, the app will close quickly if you shake your phone, allowing you to prevent prying eyes from catching a glimpse.

Gallery Vault is extremely safe to use, as attested by the vast majority of users.


Gallery Vault is among 59 Chinese apps banned in India for being supposedly harmful to the security of India. Consumers have experienced issues with the app deleting their stored photos and videos, though this may be due to user error. Other consumers have found the advertisements on the app reopens themselves immediately after closing it.


Gallery Vault is a strong contender in the privacy protection app market. It has plenty of powerhouse apps to compete within this category, such as AppLock and Calculator Lock. AppLock is rated as the best app for phone security and privacy in a majority of countries, and offers more features than Gallery Vault.

AppLock is also less focused on simple protections, making it a jack of all trades. This includes protecting other apps with various passwords and security measures, as well as storing images in the app.

Calculator Lock is an app that allows the user to hide, clone, and open multiple accounts of various apps, as well as store pictures. The app is disguised as a simple calculator that, by entering a password, will allow you to hide photos and apps.

Our take

Gallery Vault is incredibly similar to its competitor, AppLock. The two apps serve the same purpose. However, Gallery Vault encrypts photos and videos the app has stored, which AppLock and Calculator Lock doesn't do.

Should you download it?

Yes. Gallery Vault’s encryption makes it unique and valuable.


  • Free app
  • Multiple levels of security with encryption
  • Catches intruders


  • Banned in India
  • Ads may make use difficult

Gallery Vault - Hide Picturesfor Android


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