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AppLock, designed by Chinese company DoMobile, is a security app that can protect your browsing, pictures, and individual apps. Protection stems from a variety of modes and forms a complete suite app that includes passwords, pattern locks, and other protections.


The primary feature of AppLock is the ability to lock apps behind security measures. These measures include pattern locks, which require an exact, traced pattern to open applications, as well as passwords and fingerprint recognition. Locks also take pictures when someone attempts to force them open, revealing the identity of the person attempting to break into your apps.

Beyond securing apps, the AppLock software also allows for the protection of your browsing information. The app provides an incognito browser and private SNS to protect you while on the Internet through multiple supported browsers.

Additionally, AppLock features the ability to protect photos by storing them in the app. The app will protect them behind a password and keep them hidden from prying eyes. This has multiple uses, including securing pictures of checks, contracts, and other important documents.


AppLock is among 118 Chinese apps banned in India for being allegedly harmful to the security of India. Several consumers have also been plagued by issues caused by the app. Reviews of the app detail it being opened with the volume controls instead of entering a pin into AppLock. Similarly, users have reported that the app’s fingerprint scanner stops working overtime.


While AppLock may be considered the best app in several countries, it’s not without rivals. Apps that provide the user with a more concealable vault for their pictures or simply lock the photos directly are commonplace enough to rival AppLock. For example, the Calculator Lock and Photo Lock apps.

Calculator Lock allows users to hide, clone, and open multiple accounts of various apps, as well as store pictures. The app is disguised as a simple calculator, that by entering a password, will allow you to hide photos and apps from view. Photo Lock is similar but limited to only storing and hiding photos.

Our take

AppLock is a powerful security tool that can protect your apps from unwanted intrusions. The app has caused controversies and the several issues users have experienced, make the app imperfect. Even so, AppLock still outperforms its competition.

Should you download it?

Yes. AppLock outperforms the competition with a larger portfolio.


  • Free
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Catches intruders


  • Banned in India
  • Glitches that may compromise security

AppLockfor Android


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