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Wink-Video Retouching Tool: A free short video platform

Ever wish you had a magic filter for your videos, like the ones you see on social media?  We've all had those moments in front of the camera where we don't feel our best. Wink-Video Retouching Tool wants to bring that polished sparkle to your everyday videos. 

Think smoother skin, brighter smiles, and a sprinkle of movie magic – all from your phone!

What is Wink-Video Retouching Tool?

Wink-Video Retouching Tool is a smartphone app designed to easily enhance the appearance of people in your videos. Whether you're a casual user sprucing up family videos or a social media influencer going for a polished look, Wink promises to give your videos a professional touch.

The app provides several tools, mostly dedicated to beautifying faces and bodies. Think removing wrinkles, adjusting skin tone, applying virtual makeup, and even subtly reshaping bodies for a more flattering effect. Additionally, it offers some basic editing options like trimming clips, adding effects, and inserting music.

How to use Wink-Video Retouching Tool

Using Wink is quite straightforward. After downloading the app, follow these general steps:

  1. Choose your video: Start by selecting a video from your phone's library or recording a new one directly within the app.
  2. Start beautifying: Now's the fun part! Play around with different features, including smoothing out skin, brightening complexions, adding makeup, or slimming faces with Wink's manual adjustment tools. You also have options to reshape bodies if that's something you're interested in.
  3. Additional effects: Besides beautification, you can add creative touches like text, stickers, music, and other filters.
  4. Edit and refine: Use basic editing tools to tidy things up. Cut the clip to the perfect length, adjust playback speed, add a smooth fade, or even create a cool mirroring effect.
  5. Save and share: When you're happy with the final result, save your polished video and easily share it directly from the app with your favorite social media channels.

Is it safe to use Wink-Video Retouching Tool?

Generally, Wink-Video Retouching Tool should be safe to use. However, as with any app that deals with your personal content, there are a few considerations:

  • Privacy: Take some time to review Wink's privacy policy. Check how they use and store your videos and any personal data you share.
  • Expectations: It's essential to have realistic expectations about what this app can and cannot do. While it offers fun enhancements, it shouldn't be seen as a tool to radically change your appearance.
  • Responsible use: As image editing becomes more accessible, it's important to remember it could contribute to unrealistic beauty standards or body image issues for some users. Be mindful and use the tools in a balanced, healthy way.

Wink-Video Retouching Tool pricing

Wink offers a mixture of free and paid features. They employ the familiar 'freemium' model:

  • Free version: Access a decent array of basic editing and beautification tools.
  • Wink VIP (Subscription): Unlocks a more extensive toolset and special effects, often advertised as having greater power and precision. Subscription plans include monthly or yearly options.
  • Free trial: The option to try the VIP perks for a limited time helps you decide if the paid version is right.

Best alternatives to Wink-Video Retouching Tool

The world of video editing and retouching apps is a competitive one! If Wink doesn't seem like the perfect fit, here are some popular alternatives worth checking out:

  • YouCam Video: Provides similar beautification options to Wink and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Facetune Video: Specializes in portrait enhancing for that extra polished selfie-focused edit.
  • VideoShow: Offers broader video editing functions alongside its beautification features.

Our take

Wink-Video Retouching Tool is a convenient and reasonably powerful app for those looking to add a touch of glamor to their videos. Its interface is user-friendly, and its features are quite intuitive. Its ability to recognize and edit multiple faces simultaneously is a major bonus for group shots. Whether or not it's the right app for you depends on your editing needs and comfort with app privacy settings.

Should you download it?

  • If you're looking for simple but effective portrait enhancement in your videos, give the free version of Wink a go. It may give you everything you need.
  • If you need more specific adjustments or crave special effects, explore the VIP subscription, as the pricing model generally makes it easy to dip in and out without a long-term commitment.


  • Instant touch-ups
  • Effortless glamour
  • More than just skin-deep


  • The beauty trap
  • Subscription hurdles
  • Privacy matters

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Wink-Video Retouching Toolfor Android

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