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A free and reliable PDF reader

CutePDF Writer is a free PDF viewer, creator, and converter that you can download on your Windows computer. The software downloads itself as a virtual printer and works with other Windows apps to create high-quality PDFs. While the free version of the tool only offers limited features, it does save content in PDF format without disturbing the layout of the original. 

What is CutePDF Writer used for?

These days users and businesses around the world share content, data, and confidential information with PDF documents. CutePDF Writer is a utility tool that lets you create, view, and convert PDFs effortlessly. It is a free version of the more advanced CutePDF Professional and downloads as a virtual printer on your PC. The latest version lets you protect files with a password and change the properties of documents.

Does the app have a simple installation?

Once you complete the CutePDF download on your Windows device, the software will install and configure everything. To find the software on your PC, you have to click on Device Manager, and you’ll see CutePDF listed under the Printers tab. As a virtual printer, it easily integrates with other Windows and web apps, so you can create, save and convert PDFs on the go. 

How does the CutePDF Writer app work?

Considering that CutePDF Writer installs as a printer, using it is slightly unconventional but not difficult. You can create a document in any editor that you like, including Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Once done, click on the print button and select CutePDF Writer from the printer’s option. When the ‘Save As‘ window appears, click on ‘Ok’ and see the file get instantly converted into a PDF. 

CutePDF Writer can be integrated and used alongside other applications, including PS2PDF and Ghostscript. However, the program no longer comes with the latter, and you will need to download it separately if required. Apart from this, CutePDF Writer lets you view PDF files and convert documents into PDFs. 

The latest version adds new features 

One of the best parts about downloading CutePDF Writer is that the application developers continually release updates and features. The latest version of CutePDF Writer download supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems and works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. 

Is CutePDF Writer safe?

Developed by Acro Software, CutePDF Writer is a user-friendly application that’s safe to download and use. It doesn’t come with any viruses or malware, nor does it come bundled with additional applications. The free to download software is available in multiple languages, such that you can view and create PDFs in English, French, German, and more. 

Is CutePDF Writer free?

Yes, CutePDF Writer is free to download and use. However, the application only offers limited features like viewing, saving, and converting PDFs. To get access to additional features, you will have to upgrade to the app’s premium version, called CutePDF Professional. This tool includes an option to add comments, edit pages, fill forms, combine documents, and do much more.  

Are there any alternatives?

While CutePDF Writer is a handy tool to view and save PDFs, it’s limited by the fact that it doesn’t let users edit PDF files. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is one of the best PDF managers available in the market. This tool lets you edit PDFs, add signatures to files, create forms, and do much more. However, this application isn’t free. In case you want to check out a free alternative, you should explore Free PDF Editor or Foxit Reader

Our take

CutePDF Writer is a useful software for students and professionals who wish to quickly create PDFs. With the help of this tool, you can also easily view and save PDFs. Moreover, you don't need to worry about losing the layout of the document. In case you want additional features, you can easily upgrade to the app’s premium version

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use PDF viewer and converter, download CutePDF Writer. It is free and installs itself as a virtual printer, and easily integrates with other Windows apps. The software supports both 32 and 64-bit operating systems and works on all Windows versions. Moreover, the app has a clean interface and a simple installation process. Once launched, you can easily create or view PDFs from your desktop or laptop. 


  • Integrates with Windows apps
  • Created high-quality PDFs
  • Receives regular updates


  • Only offers limited features

CutePDF Writerfor Windows


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