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CloutHub is a free social networking application that lets you discuss any topics without restraint. Whether you enjoy talking about politics, campaigns, or sensitive matters, it doesn’t restrict you in any way. It makes every endeavor to empower privacy and free speech.

Social media with free speech

Unlike many social media outlets today, CloutHub sets the mark for platforms where you can freely discuss any topic. While apps like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter have specific rules for engagement, CloutHub encourages you to find like-minded people to converse with regarding your subject matter of choice. It specifically targets members who have a passion for making a difference in their community.

Subscribe to news and feeds

Some online social outlets don’t post about propaganda or political news due to the sensitive nature. CloutHub doesn’t have the same policy, freely letting groups share across their feeds. If you subscribe to any of these pages or entities, their news will appear on your timeline as it becomes available. Of course, the most appealing aspect is that it remains uncensored.

Privacy and policies

Security and privacy are top concerns for a social media app with free speech like CloutHub. Since you may be involved as a political leader, campaign activist, or a parent watching the school news, there are many sensitive issues that will be fodder for hackers and government agents. The company has a stringent support verification policy that showcases badges to let you know which groups or members are official.

Join your community

Finding a community with the same passions as you go a long way to feeling welcome and safe in social media settings. You can create or join groups based on topics of relevance without worrying that someone is spying on your activity. In this way, it lets you make new connections, socialize, and establish new friendships with similar beliefs and mindsets.

Social sharing with no boundaries

Whether it comes to messaging or social media apps, they all have one thing in common. Members are concerned about security and privacy, especially with many of them being targeted by the government for their political status. CloutHub drives these fears away, permitting free speech on its platform.


  • Permits unbiased views
  • Enables community discussions
  • Promotes free speech
  • Protects member privacy


  • Sometimes suffers slow mobile performance

CloutHubfor Android


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