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CloutHub is a free social media application for mobile devices that lets you freely share your opinion in various communities and on your feed about any topic that you find interesting or passionate about. This social networking app makes a deliberate point of letting members discuss any topic of their choosing without reservation. Of course, it also protects your privacy so that your personal details are secure.

Social networking for open minds

Free speech is a rare commodity these days, especially when government entities monitor social media outlets and text applications for discussions over political views. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are cautious with allowing content that may cause problems for their organizations. CloutHub swims against the current, ensuring that its members have the freedom to speak their minds.

Share among your community

One of the top features includes sharing your latest posts with your community. There are several group settings you can play with, enhancing the interaction between members. CloutHub lets you join or create channels as you please, granting you the power to monitor the discussions according to the rules you set.

Read the latest news

You may be interested in specific news related to your passion or industry. CloutHub has several hubs you can subscribe to within various categories. Once you follow a community or news outlet, it will popular your feed with the latest posts.

Find new friends, state your views

Besides communities, you can find new online friends and socialize with them, sharing your perspective in open forums or on their timelines. Your privacy remains secure, while CloutHub doesn’t restrict what you chat to them about. It fosters building relationships with people who have the same views as you, while you’re also free to block any members.

Say what you want, when you want

If you’re a person who wishes to speak your mind without someone removing your content due to political or offensive views, CloutHub might just be the social media space that you are looking for. Of course, some of it may become the root cause for some kind of contention. The social media app is also known for suffering performance issues on social media sometimes. Despite this, it’s still a community portal favored by many free spirits.


  • Encourages freedom of speech
  • Enables community growth
  • Subscribe to news feeds
  • Create and manage your groups


  • Slow performance on mobile devices

CloutHubfor iOS


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