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Creative minds need innovative tools. Adobe, a pioneer in the industry, has been refining the Adobe Creative Cloud offering since its initial release in 2011. Replacing Adobe Creative Suite, the ever-evolving Adobe Creative Cloud features a suite of creative products bundled into one download package. The package includes Adobe favorites such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator. With various plans based on a user’s needs, you can mix and match the programs or opt for everything including the kitchen sink.

This suite is well suited for creative entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike, putting the power of Adobe’s most popular programs in your hands, along with some incredible tools most users do not even know they are missing.

An artistic entrepreneur or hobbyist’s dream come true

Adobe Creative Cloud serves as a one-stop-shop for all things individual and custom.

Upon downloading the Adobe Creative Cloud “All Apps” bundle, the following Adobe products were automatically installed on my PC: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Spark, Adobe Behance, Adobe Color, and Adobe Camera Raw.

There were additional programs included with the suite, but were not automatically downloaded. These included Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, and Adobe Lightroom.

This download package is loaded with value. Anything a creative entrepreneur could need is available in this suite, maybe even too much for the average person? More on that thought later. The features of Photoshop alone would be worth the monthly fee in my opinion. Adobe Lightroom has recently been my social media image editing software of choice as well.

Adobe offers a free 7-day trial, after which users are automatically billed $52.99 / month on an annual plan. Users can easily cancel the free trial before it expires to avoid the fee. There are multiple plan pricing options based on a user’s individual needs:

The Photography Suite includes Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and includes 20GB of cloud storage. This package would be best suited for social media influencers, photographers, and those looking to up their image game. Less than ten dollars per month for the power of Adobe’s top photography products is an excellent deal in my book and absolutely worth it.

The Single App Suite is includes 100GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark. This option would be best suited for a user who knows exactly what they need for their business or hobby, desires a little more storage, and their creative side loves discovering new fonts.

The All Apps Suite is the bundle comes with 100GB of storage, Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Spark. This option even allows for an upgrade of up to 10TB of cloud storage.

Finally, the “All Apps + Adobe Stock” package is the mothership of all individual plans, coming in at $82.98 / month. It includes everything the All Apps Suite provides, plus 10 free Adobe Stock images. You can also cancel the Adobe Stock portion risk-free within the first month. This option is ideal for a more established company or hobbyist, needing all aspects of Creative Cloud’s capabilities, including stock images.

Security matters

Adobe has been a trusted source for creatives for decades and remain a front runner in the industry. Above industry competitors, I personally trust Adobe with my login information, saved data and projects, and overall software stability.

Upon using the individual Creative Cloud programs, I experienced zero interface issues or functionality interruptions. The software did not crash or act unstable, helping me feel secure knowing my project would not be lost in the height of concentration. There is no worse feeling than being focused and “in the zone”, creating something magnificent, and then your software crashes. Users can rest easy that is unlikely with Adobe Creative Cloud programs.

Admittedly, Adobe Photoshop has a relatively steep learning curve. It is arguably the most powerful, yet easily accessible photography editing software on the market today. Because of its high functionality, the average Instagrammer may scratch their head trying to edit a simple photo. Photoshop really is best suited for professional photographers, graphic designers, or those with a deep desire to dive into a highly specialized product and learn its intricacies.

Adobe offers a plethora of resources and support including Creative Cloud community forum, FAQs, Tutorials, and a User Guide. An ambitious Photoshop novice can even utilize the power of YouTube for free tutorials on basically any software functionality.

Adobe Lightroom is a user-friendly image editing software, while remaining highly functional and specialized. The user interface is much easier to adapt to. I am able to use the basic and intermediate features of Lightroom just through self-teaching. I am anxious to dive into some of the more advanced features as well. For now, the basic functionality of Lightroom and its most common use (photo editing), is ideal for editing social media photos for Instagram, Facebook, etc. My favorite Lightroom functionality is the ability to create image “presets” where you adjust the lighting and color to a photo, save those settings, and can apply the same edits to future photos, allowing a cohesive look, in step with a user’s social media image and branding. Adobe Lightroom is also available as a free app download for iPhone and Android users, with no subscription or fee required. All you need is a free Adobe username and password. This is the best Adobe deal for a hobbyist merely looking to synchronize their social media photos, while limiting them to only edit photos on their phones via the app.

Where can you run this program?

Adobe Creative Cloud for desktop can be installed on Windows or Mac. Some apps can be downloaded to iPhone and Android devices as well. I installed the suite on my Windows PC and did not experience any issues with the download or functionality.

Is there a better alternative?

Discuss the software’s closest competitors and identify why someone might prefer to choose one of them, or maybe why this product is clearly superior. Could the alternatives be cheaper, safer, quicker?

I truly don’t think there exists another suite like the Adobe Creative Cloud. Sure, you could find individual programs for photo editing and fonts, etc. Adobe Creative Cloud truly is a one-stop-shop for your inspired needs. The reliability and trust factor with Adobe at the helm is unparalleled.

Our take

I am really enjoying the Creative Cloud. Before exploring this suite, I didn’t realize how many software programs were included with the download and I assumed the pricing would be too high for me to consider. I am impressed by the breadth and depth of products available on the “All Apps” download, but personally do not find the need for all of them.

Should you download it?  

Why wouldn’t you download the free trial to see how it can benefit you? It’s risk-free and will give you hands-on access to tools that just may optimize your business or hobby beyond its current capabilities.

Beyond the free trial, I believe the “Photography Suite” is the best paid option for most influencers, graphic designers, photographers, and social media entrepreneurs. That is the package I anticipate sticking with. At $9.99 / month, it includes the most value for what my business needs. Your best bet is to download the free trial, discover how the programs can benefit you, and choose which package is right for you.

Adobe Creative Cloudfor Windows

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