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Available to download for free, Snap Camera provides a fun way of interacting with online friends through video. The application is based on the Snapchat app for mobile phones. American social-media and camera company Snap Inc. developed this program to be used for desktop computers. Both Windows and Mac OS platforms support the Snap Camera application. This software gives you access to the popular filters available on the chat platform.


Snapchat is loved and used by millions worldwide daily. Since being founded in September 2011, the platform has seen exceptional growth. Snap Inc. released Snap Camera in 2016, which offers the use of their popular filters on your desktop computer for work and social interactions.

Lens Studio

Lens Studio is a program with the primary feature that gives tools to design filters that are unique and can be accessed by others on the app. Custom shaders within the suite make editing at a pixel level straightforward. Another fascinating feature is the library of materials you can choose from for your content. Most items in the library are free to use and customizable. 

Create a customized filter

The filters you can create are limitless with certain aspects being interchangeable. Using the studio to create your social media filter may seem complicated, but it can be summarized in a few steps. 

Download Lens Studio first, and then select the elements you desire. Once elements are selected, you can create a new project in the studio. 

By selecting ‘New’ in the ‘Objects’ tab, you can add the points to be included in your filter. You can now add 3D or 2D objects to your project under the ‘Head Binding’ tab.

Additionally, you can even add a face mask! This is next to where you introduce textures. ‘Alpha’ and ‘Blend’ options finish your filter by offering blending and merging tools.

Our take

Snap Camera is available for Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and free to download from the official website of Snap Inc. Other apps such as Cheese, Splitcam, and Webcamoid offer similar filters, but none with the millions of followers and creators of Snap Camera. Support forums and FAQ tutorials make learning a trouble-free process.

Should you download it

Yes, get this application. The cam app is fully customizable and offers high-quality, personalized filters. Integrate the application when you’re gaming and video chatting with friends and colleagues. Linking the camera to your YouTube, Twitch, or Skype accounts is pain-free and takes seconds.


  • Abundance of filters
  • Filters are fully customizable
  • Online forums are available for troubleshooting


  • At first, Lens Studio may seem confusing

Snap Camerafor Windows


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