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Free camera to snap pictures anywhere

Available to download for free, Snap Camera provides a fun way of interacting with online friends through video. The application is based on the Snapchat app for mobile phones. American social-media and camera company Snap Inc. developed this program to be used for desktop computers. Both Windows and Mac OS platforms support the Snap Camera application. This software gives you access to the popular filters available on the chat platform.

What is Snap Camera?

Snap Camera is not a full-fledged Snapchat, but it does allow you to use Snapchat lenses in other Windows programs that use a webcam. When you open Snap Camera, it creates a virtual webcam that you can then choose as your video input in programs like Skype, Twitch, OBS, and more.

To avoid confusion we must state that the Snap Camera only changes the camera output of your webcam and can be used in video chat programs like Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom to change your image in the video chat. However, you cannot start a video chat through Snap Camera itself.

Once Snap Camera is open, you can browse the top community lenses in the program window or filter by keyword using the search bar. Once you find a lens you like, simply click on it to apply it to your current webcam feed. 

To save you from having to search for your favorite filters every time, you can save them to a favorites list. Additionally, you can assign hotkeys to lenses in this list. This allows you to turn them on or off without having to open the program.

Works with Skype, Zoom, and many others

When you start Snap Camera, you can choose from a variety of filters that can be applied to your webcam output. 

Then, you can minimize the Snap Camera desktop window and open a video chat tool like Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Here, you can select Snap Camera as your video source.

How to apply a filter with Snap Camera?

To apply a filter to your webcam content, start the Snap Camera program and click on a filter you like. In different categories, you will find popular Snapchat filters like the rainbow vomiting filter or the dog filter, as well as ways to make your living room look like a tropical beach with a different background.

Is Snap Camera still available?

Snap Camera's journey came to an abrupt end on January 25, 2023, when Snap Inc. announced its discontinuation. Citing a shift in focus towards its core Snapchat app and its growing ecosystem of Lens Studio creators as the primary reasons, Snap Inc. bid farewell to the beloved desktop application.

What are the best Snap Camera alternatives then?

While Snap Camera is no longer officially supported, there is an alternative application that offer similar AR filter and effect capabilities for video conferencing and other applications: ManyCam.

ManyCam is a versatile virtual webcam application that provides a wide range of filters, effects, and transitions for both Windows and macOS. It seamlessly integrates with popular video chat platforms like Skype, Zoom, and Twitch, allowing users to alter  their virtual appearances in real-time.

How to use Snap Camera in 2023

Snap Camera is no longer officially supported, but there is a community-based workaround that allows you to continue using it.

What you will need:

  • The Snap Camera installer file
  • A file patching tool

Once you downloaded The Snap Camera installer file, here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the Snap Camera installer file
  2. Download and install the file patching tool
  3. Patch the Snap Camera installer file using the file patching tool
  4. Install the patched Snap Camera installer file

Run Snap Camera and enjoy!

Our take

Snap Camera is a fun and versatile tool that can add a touch of personality to your video chats. While it is no longer officially supported, the community-based workaround still allows you to enjoy its features.

If you love Snapchat filters, there is unfortunately no real alternative for PC, so try it while it's still working!

Should you download it

Yes, get this application. The cam app is fully customizable and offers high-quality, personalized filters. Integrate the application when you’re gaming and video chatting with friends and colleagues. Linking the camera to your YouTube, Twitch, or Skype accounts is pain-free and takes seconds.


  • Wide range of filters and effects
  • Filters are fully customizable
  • Works with various platforms


  • At first, Lens Studio may seem confusing
  • No official support

Program available in other languages

Snap Camerafor Windows


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