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MPC HC is free media player software available as an open-source project. The name is short for Media Player Classic Home Cinema that is a part of the Media Player Classic family of software.


MPC HC allows you to play VCD, SVCD, and DVD formats without the installation of additional software. MPC-HC is one of the original media players to support Dolby Atmos audio. The customizable software also adds a number of effects that improve video quality.

MPC-HC is capable of removing screen tearing from the footage. The software can also be used with a TV tuner card to record and playback TV programs. Color, language and shaders are all customizable and allow full control of the quality of your videos.

Despite being open-source, MPC HC is safe if downloaded from the official sources.


MPC HC and the original MPC media player software are no longer supported with updates. This means that any bugs that exist currently are permanent due to a lack of funds, resources, and interest. The project is open-source, but has more or less been abandoned in favor of the newest version, MPC Black Edition or BE.


Due to the basic nature of the software as a media player, there are various alternatives to MPC HC, aside from the latest version of MPC BE. These alternatives include the VLC Media Player software along with default media players such as Windows Media Player.

VLC is a packet-based media player that plays almost all video content. Even damaged files can be played by VLC. VLC media player software can play high-definition recordings of D-VHS tapes duplicated to a computer, allowing more storage capabilities. VLC is better for streaming than MPC.

Windows Media Player is the default audio-visual software on Windows operating systems. While basic in nature and design, the software has many similar functionalities to MPC HC. Unlike MPC HC, Windows Media Player is still being updated as technology improves.

Our take

MPC HC is a media player software designed to allow full customization of content. However, the software is incomplete and development has halted, but it still does what it says it will do. 

Should you download it?

No, the newest version of MPC is a better choice.


  • Free
  • View any audio or visual file
  • Customizable


  • Outdated
  • No longer supported
  • Basic

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MPC HCfor Windows


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