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1688: One of the biggest wholesale market in China

1688 is leading the way in making buying in bulk easier and more efficient for business owners. It's part of the Ali Group, which also made the huge online shopping site Alibaba. Since starting in 1999, 1688 has become a key tool for businesses worldwide to find a wide range of products at good prices. If you are looking for a wholesale market, 1688 is one of the biggest ones in China that you can find. You can download this app on your Android device.

What is 1688 and how do you use it?

1688 helps businesses buy what they need in large quantities. It's a website where you can find almost anything you're looking for, from gadgets to clothes. Here's what makes 1688 great for shopping:

  • Lots of Products: You can browse through many categories to find exactly what you need.
  • Easy to Search and Filter: This makes finding specific items a breeze.
  • Safe Payments: So you can shop without worrying.
  • Talk Directly to Sellers: This helps in clearing up any questions and getting better deals.
  • Updates on Prices: Keeps you in the loop about how much things cost.

Is Taobao same as 1688?

1688 and Taobao might come from the same company, but they're for different types of shoppers. 1688 is mainly for businesses that want to buy things in bulk. Taobao is more like eBay, where people buy items one at a time for personal use. So, the main difference is who they're selling to: 1688 is for business orders, and Taobao is for everyone.

When was 1688 app created?

Back in 1999, 1688 started off as 'Alibaba China Market.' It was the go-to place in China for buying wholesale online, and connecting buyers with local suppliers. As a part of Alibaba Group, 1688 has used its years of experience in online shopping to grow into a big name in wholesale trade, making it easier for businesses to get what they need.

1688 is a super useful site for businesses looking to buy products in bulk. With its huge selection, good prices, and tools that make shopping smooth, it's a top choice in the wholesale world. While there are some challenges like language barriers and ensuring product quality, 1688 opens up big opportunities for those looking to explore the Chinese market.


  • A wide range of products
  • Wholesale shopping at a good price
  • Supports 18 languages


  • Language barrier with sellers
  • Possible product quality issues

Program available in other languages

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