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Stay connected with teams remotely!

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams provides a comprehensive digital hub for work collaboration and team management. Within a short period of time, the app has become immensely popular in the crowded industry of social and messaging platforms. Microsoft Teams takes the experience a step further. It allows you to organize team conversations, content, apps, and tasks in a shared workspace, which you can log in to on the go.

Get work done on the go!

Plenty of features with a simple interface!

Microsoft Teams was designed to solve a wide range of communication and collaboration problems faced by businesses around the world. In simple terms, the app is a digital hub for teamwork. It provides you with a shared workspace, where it’s easier to share files, chats, hold meetings, and use various business apps to work in real-time.

Set up online meetings with ease

With Microsoft Teams, you can conveniently build teams of up to 10,000 people. Additionally, you can perform several functions, such as hosting video and audio conferences, conducting virtual meetings, and indulging in group chats.

Using the platform’s Android app, you can easily access team contacts within the organization, conversations, meetings, content, and more. All this can be done right from your Android device, anytime and anywhere. In order to use the app continuously, you need an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Teams integrates well with Office 365 and Outlook, allowing you to seamlessly schedule meetings from the Android app. Moreover, the search function lets users search for files across numerous channels.

The platform supports quick file uploads, saving a lot of your time while collaborating with colleagues. The only drawback is the lack of customization options, due to which, it’s not possible to change much in the rigid interface or appearance.

Where can you run this program?

Microsoft Teams Mobile is available for Android 4.4 and above. It’s also compatible with iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.

Is there a better alternative?

While Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform, it needs an Office 365 subscription. Although there’s a free trial option, you might be looking for alternatives. HeySpace is a good task management software, which comes with several functionalities and a simple interface.

Another good choice is Wire. It’s a collaboration tool focusing on security and privacy of users. The platform allows your team members to safely share information and files, set up video conferences, and make voice calls over a protected channel.

Our take

Microsoft Teams’ Android app is an excellent way to build a digital workplace on the go. It allows you to communicate, collaborate, share, and meet with people right on your mobile device. Since it’s available for multiple operating systems, it allows people to connect without interruptions. Moreover, it syncs data across platforms to allow seamless sharing and communication.

Should you download it?

Microsoft Teams is primarily used as a communication tool. Since it integrates well with Office 365, it allows you to collaborate using various apps and platforms. With a simple interface, it facilitates robust and functional communication among team members.


  • Integrates with Office 365
  • Quick file uploads
  • Seamless videoconferencing
  • Support for multiple OS


  • Rigid interface
  • Fewer customization options

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Microsoft Teamsfor Android


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