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Free video compressor

Video Compressor is free to install and use the basic features but requires a license for the most advanced options. The app is handy when trying to save space on older computers and when sending smaller files to your mobile devices. Compressing your recordings and movies allows you to easily share them online as they upload faster due to their decreased size.

Edit videos

Using the Video Compressor app allows you to apply minor edits to your files that alter the whole video. These options include modifying your brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, and audio volume. Additionally, you can clip the video, rotate it, or add watermarks. 

Compress film files

The primary use of Video Converter is its ability to compress the size of video files. This option is excellent for expanding the space on your computer's hard drive or saving storage when transferring files to your mobile device. 

The process doesn't affect the quality of your video. While compressing the file, you can change the resolution and bitrates. Using the Video Compressor app will make your MP4 and large videos decrease in MB storage size.

Convert files

Aside from compressing and editing recordings, you can change the file type using Video Compressor. This option allows you to change the video from an MP4 to an FLG, AVI, 3GP, and other types. The ability to do this is mainly helpful if you're transferring videos to a mobile device.

Old but useful interface

The Video Compressor's interface is extremely old-fashioned. However, this application style is still easy to navigate when you're looking for a variety of features.

Processing in batches

Processing your videos in a batch saves time if you're compressing a collection of files. As you don't have to set the requirements and settings for compression or conversion individually, the alteration is much faster. Additionally, you can rename videos in batches.

Our take

Video Compressor is a decent video compression application that offers both free and licensed options. If you prefer a different application, HandBrake and Freemake Video Converter are great alternatives. The software works great on Windows 10 and older versions of the operating system.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you're looking for an easy way to decrease your videos' file size, this application is a great choice to install.


  • Decrease video file size
  • Convert files for other devices
  • Edit videos
  • Batch processing saves time when converting multiple files


  • Old style interface
  • Licence based premium features

Program available in other languages

Video Compressorfor Windows


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