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As a video editor, you’re constantly looking for ways to make your cuts intentional but seamless. You’re in constant pursuit of a tool that allows you to edit clips independently of its linear order without having to make space for intermediate scenes. Non-linear video editing tools exists, luckily. Lightworks offers amazing post-production tools, efficient workflows, and straightforward project authoring in a single program. It is the fast, flexible and easy-to-use program you’ve been missing.

For pros and novices

Lightworks let newbies working at home produce quality content that is sure to captivate their audience.

Created by the powerhouse, Editshare, Lightworks is the go-to pro video editor used by professionals ranging from up-and-coming directors to award-winning filmmakers. In fact, it was used to edit blockbusters like Heat, LA Confidential, Mission Impossible, The Departed and The Wolf of Wall Street. And why wouldn’t they?

Usability: When you first launch Lightworks, you’re bound to see tiles. These tiles will display previous projects made with the video editing platform. Once you’ve imported the footage you want to edit, you’ll notice how refreshing it is to the eyes. Editing components are all hidden in different tabs found on top namely: LOC, Edit, VFX, and Audio. Their minimalist interface is nice to look at, but it is not immune from pitfalls. For example, the exporting tab is challenging to locate because it's actually incorporated in the video editing timeline. It is only accessible with the right-click which is different from the usual layout of other software. Read the manual is a must because the layout is not as intuitive as other editing software. Functionality. Command keys like the Delete button are used for clipping. To trim, simply move the scrubber to dictate which part of the footage you want to segment then press the Delete button on your keyboard. This makes for an easier and time-saving process. 

Although this mastering video editor is free, it still has advanced editing features. One of its lauded components are Color Correction and Correcting. You can also use Color Curves, a recent addition that came Version 11.5, to produce precise hues.

Readily share projects to video streaming platforms within the software. When you've exported the video, a pop-up will give you the option to choose where you want to upload the video like Vimeo and Youtube.

Rendring won’t be a problem here. Videos are processed at a respectable speed. Plus, you can even work on a new project while rendering something in the background. The free version allows you to save videos with qualities as high as 720p. 

Don’t worry, it’s royalty-free

Videos often fail to engage because editors take music and other effects for granted. Breaking the bank to get professional creative assistance is no longer necessary.

Access a library of free-to-use clips, sound, and effects you can use to spice up your project within the software. There are over 100 different choices to choose from. The software works alongside royalty-free media giants Pond5 and AudioNetwork just to give you what you need to create an extraordinary presentation.

Where can you run this program?

Experience using a professional editing suite with Lightworks. Download this free editing software on devices with operating systems from Windows, Linux, and Mac.

This software does not require much specifications. In terms of versions, Windows users will need at least Windows Vista or higher. Linux users with either Debian or RPM Distros need the minimum version of  Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu 14.04 and Mint 17 respectively. While Mac users need version 10.9 or more.

It is recommended by the developers to operate this on a device powered by 3GB RAM or above.

Is there a better alternative?

The battle for the Best Free Video Editing Software is harsh. There’s a pool of impressive platforms out there that you can explore. Davinci Resolve stands out. It can be used by either Mac, Linux, and Windows users can use this software to add magic to their videos.

Like Lightworks, it is a non-linear editing platform. Blackmagic Design developed this free editing software to let users make advanced editing commands. This editor is also available in 4 different languages.

Our take

Its sleek and organized interface allows you to create masterpieces faster and better. This is what immediately sets itself apart from its competitors.

This video editing platform from EditShare is a commercial software. However, it aims to be an open-source platform. It currently works with three third-party companies such as OpenSSL for encryption, GoPro CineForm for compressions, and more. They constantly better themselves in order to cater to every type of creator.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s not hard to see why lauded filmmakers run to Lightworks to get their editing done. Well-versed creators tend to prefer this video editing and mastering software because it packs a lot of essential components despite its lapses.


  • Free version does not put watermarks
  • For professional use
  • Offers royalty-free content for your disposal
  • Available in over 12 languages


  • Its interface needs improvement
  • Lacks features for animation
  • Free version only produces videos in 720p or lower

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Program available in other languages

Lightworksfor Windows


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