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Phone into webcam

The iVCam app is a free program that enables you to turn your phone, Android or iPhone. or your iPad into a webcam for your computer. You can either connect the device to the PC by the WiFi connection or through a USB cable.

High-quality video

This free app offers you HD resolution video with a watermark.The user can make the application the default web camera or choose between different options.

With iVCam, you can improve your experience by changing the quality of any video. If you have poor internet, you may select the 360 resolution or when the speed is better, choose the HD resolution. Also, the user can select where the audio comes from, device or computer.

The free version comes with a watermark and ads, but if you purchase a subscription, these are removed. You can also beautify your face or flip to the back camera on your phone through the setting.

Using the software is simple. Once you have the app downloaded on your device and your pc, you can begin to use it automatically. The connection is instantaneous and works across multiple gadgets.

If you prefer to connect via USB, iVCam will instantly detect the connection and make it available for use.

The program suffers from some connection issues. Without warning, the gadget’s link will stop working. This problem may continue for a long time or be resolved after a few minutes making iVCam unreliable.

Is there a better alternative?

EpocCam is a great option, but it falls short of the others in key ways. While it works on both macOS and Windows, unlike iV, it does not offer high definition resolution in the free edition. Its UI is inferior, and it lacks the flexibility in setting iVCam has. Droidcam is another subpar alternative.

Our take

Overall, this application is a solid option for those who need to use their smartphones as a webcam. The main problem with it is the instability of the connection, but this rarely crops up.

Should you download it?

Yes. The software has several useful features while providing high quality. It’s worth picking up.


  • Turn any device into a webcam
  • Easy Connection
  • Customize video quality


  • Connection issues
  • Watermark with free version

iVCamfor Windows


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