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A hassle-free way to download videos online

ClipGrab is a hassle-free, simple, and fast software program for video downloads from the internet. The program works independently from the web browser and lets you grab a range of multimedia files and content. ClipGrab automatically detects the link copied to the clipboard and downloads the file. The program can quickly capture files from numerous video-streaming websites, such as YouTube, Clipfish, Sevenload, MyVideo, Vimeo, College Humor, DailyMotion, etc. ClipGrab also supports file conversions and is compatible with many popular formats.

Download your favorite videos from multiple websites

ClipGrab is a free, well-designed application for downloading your favorite videos. As mentioned earlier, the video downloader supports a range of streaming websites, making it easier to find and grab movies, video clips, animations, etc. Compared to Free Any Video Downloader, HD Video Converter Factory Pro, All Video Downloader, and more, this tool comes with some useful built-in functions.

What are the features?

One of the most useful features of the app is the integrated search function. While it’s a minor addition, it can help you find the most relevant files or videos on the internet. Most free YouTube downloaders don’t support this feature, which sets ClipGrab apart from the competition.

Using the search tab, you can instantly find a specific video you wish to download from the web. There’s no need to look for the file or content in your browser. The search tab only gives up to 12 results for a search term or phrase.

Clipboard monitoring is another excellent feature, which lets you conveniently keep track of all your video downloads. It’s quite useful for people interested in downloading multiple videos at once. 

In case you copy a video link to the program’s clipboard, the application will automatically download the file. This saves you from the hassle of manually opening the program every time for a new download.

How does ClipGrab work?

If you want to download videos in a simple and straightforward manner, ClipGrab is an excellent choice. As mentioned earlier, the software comes with a built-in converter, which lets you convert one file format to another. The efficient video downloader can quickly convert files among MPEG4, OGG Vorbis, OGG Theora, MP3, and WMV formats.

While you can use the search tab to find a specific video on the internet, you can also copy and paste the video’s URL in the app. The platform analyzes the link, asks you to select a file format, and downloads the file to your system.

Apart from video formats, such as OGG, MPEG4, and WMV, you can download audio-only versions. This helps you save a good amount of space on your hard disk, and comes in handy for downloading podcasts, music videos, etc.

For video downloads, the YouTube downloader lets you choose the quality. For instance, you can download a file in lower resolution to save some space on your hard drive. In case you choose the MP3 file format, the program lets you add ID3 tags to the video’s metadata.

ClipGrab is available for a range of operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, and macOS. Considering the program’s features, there’s no doubt that ClipGrab is a useful, functional, and hassle-free video downloader, converter, and editor.

What are the drawbacks?

Although ClipGrab is a great choice for downloading videos from the web, the program has a couple of drawbacks. For instance, with heavy files downloaded from the internet, you might experience slow download speeds. The problem is even worse when you’re working with an unreliable or unstable internet connection. 

Another issue is the sub-par quality with some file formats. While the program supports a range of leading video formats, it doesn’t match the standard of professional tools from Adobe, Sony, and other major corporations. Having said that, the software is available for free, and these minor drawbacks shouldn’t be a deterrent for users.

Our take

If you’re a fan of downloading videos for offline viewing, ClipGrab is a must-have. With this program, you can also create a library of your favorite shows, movies, animations, and other multimedia content.

Should you download it?

With ClipGrab, you get a free, useful, and simple solution to your video downloading, converting, and editing needs. As mentioned earlier, the program supports a range of websites and lets you convert downloaded files into different formats. The video downloader lets you adjust the video quality, which comes in handy while downloading multimedia content from less-popular streaming websites.


  • Comes with a search function
  • Supports video to audio conversions
  • Compatible with multiple websites
  • Monitors the clipboard


  • Download speed can be slow

ClipGrabfor Windows


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