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4K Video Downloader is a standalone program you can use to download high-quality videos from various popular sites. It’s available for free or with a premium subscription that unlocks additional features.

Download online videos

If you’re looking for video download software, there are plenty of options. Some, however, are online-only (Clip Converter) or lack features (YTD). 4K Video Downloader lets you download from a wide variety of sources in super high-quality, while ClibGrab is a video editor.


Whether you’re taking video clips from YouTube or social media, there’s always the issue of copyright. If a video is published under a Creative Commons license, then you’re usually free to do what you want with it. 

Otherwise, anything you take from another source (music video, documentary, video game clip, etc.) should only be for personal use, and don’t re-upload a video to YouTube to monetize on it.

4K safety

As far as 4K Video Downloader is concerned, you can use it with Youtube, TikTok, Vimeo, and a lot more other popular sites. All you need to do is copy a video link, then open up 4K Video Downloader and press ‘paste link’. You’ll then get a range of quality and format options, including 4K quality itself (if a site, like YouTube, supports it.)

If you plan on downloading a lot of videos, you may be concerned about internet and software security. 4K Video Downloader is guaranteed free from viruses and other malware. The developers also strongly suggest users to only download videos from trusted sites.

Premium features

4K Video Downloader is free, but if you pay for one of the premium plans, you’ll be able to download unlimited videos, run simultaneous downloads, and subscribe to YouTube channels directly from the 4K app.

Our take

4K Video Downloader offers many features that similar apps don’t, such as 3D and 360-Degree Video Downloads. It also includes a ‘smart mode’ that applies your preferred settings to all downloads which speed up the process. Lastly, the free version of the app works just as great as the paid version, other than it has limited features.

Should you download it?

Yes. The free version and its features are more than enough for a casual user.


  • Download videos from a variety of well-known sites
  • Download entire YouTube playlists in one go
  • Extract YouTube subtitles


  • The free version is limited to 30 downloads a day

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4k Video Downloaderfor Windows

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