RealTimes (with RealPlayer)for Windows



Picture and video sharing

RealPlayer is a picture and video sharing software. This system automatically scans all the shots you take and creates a slideshow from the best pieces. Use the mess from your storage to create digital art.

The perfect way to create slideshows from videos

Duplicates, blurry, and dark shots are left out from the slideshows. Only the best pieces contribute to the final compilation.

RealPlayer is a multimedia player focusing on visual storytelling. Our best, sometimes the worst, pictures and videos see the world beyond phones and computers. We took them with sharing in mind. However, there are those pictures and videos that spend their whole lives trapped inside phones and PCs.

RealPlayer automatically creates slideshows, but that does not mean that one program has complete control over your future posts. RealPlayer cannot publish slideshows without your approval. Tweak the final compilation, so it suits your taste perfectly.

This app works on an algorithm that scans pictures and videos the moment you take them. One downside is that RealPlayer favors faces, this means that the program can overlook some good shots.

You can also synchronize with your social media. Publish a slideshow, and all of your followers receive a notification about it. The benefits of social media connection don’t stop there. If you believe that a particular filter from another platform suits a picture or video better, you can use it freely.

RealPlayer is not bound to a specific device or platform. Even if your followers don’t use this software, they’ll see the slideshow which this app made possible.

Where can you run this program?

Currently, RealPlayer is only compatible with Windows. Its handheld counterpart, RealTimes, is available for all kinds of phones: Android and iOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Realplayer is the best alternative for social media enthusiasts. This app creates breathtaking, slideshow stories. It sorts pictures automatically, which means it is time-saving as well. You can combine RealTimes with filters and effects from other platforms, and create social media art.

Our take

RealPlayer organizes your visual media takes, and crafts slideshow stories out of them. A must-have tool for anyone who likes to share their pictures and stories.

Should you download it?

Yes. This software creates quality social media content and slideshows that will provide countless memories.


  • Real-time slideshow creation
  • Connected to Instagram and VSCO Cam
  • Allows content sharing with everyone
  • Add your own music to the app


  • Algorithm favors faces
  • Not the best filters
  • Only available for Windows

Program available in other languages

RealTimes (with RealPlayer)for Windows


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