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Viber is a free messenger and voice call service offering unlimited calling and texting. The calling functions alongside an internet connection to provide cross-platform communication support. Viber users can communicate with each other over their phones, computers, and any other platforms that support the service.


Viber is, effectively, a telephone that can be used on your computer to talk to anyone who also has the service. Communications can be accomplished over long distances and even across the world. Much like other apps and services of the same style, Viber also provides additional features.

This app offers video calling, stickers, and cross-platform communications. Viber’s encryption is state of the art, providing users with a secure system without viewing personal data. The developers made it a promise to keep their users safe, preventing any sale of information. It also has a similar feature to competitor Snapchat, where messages delete themselves after a certain period of time; additionally, taking screenshots of conversations will notify the other members of the chat.

The app also presents an additional service plan that allows you to contact any phone worldwide for under $6 per month.


This app may occasionally glitch, crash, or lag. This may be attributed to the anystrain of many users at once and other issues. Some users have made comments on the market being oversaturated and requiring multiple apps to communicate with everyone they know. 


Two of the fiercest competitors of Viber are Skype and WhatsApp. All three of these apps are free to use and provide voice and video calls to any of your contacts who has installed the service.

Skype offers the option of receiving calls and texts from phones by purchasing a unique number. Alongside this, the service also offers the option of paying for individual phone calls rather than a monthly service cost.

WhatsApp lacks the functionality of Viber, which has integrated telephone, gaming, and other features into its service. While still providing a powerful service, Viber offers more versatility than WhatsApp.

Our take

Viber is a top-quality messaging system allowing you to call and message virtually anyone, although not always for free. The service offers many additional key features including security, trust lists, and encryption to protect yourself.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you have contacts on Viber or want to move away from traditional phone service.


  • Free
  • Strong security and encryption
  • Call anyone, anywhere, even on phones.


  • Glitches and occasional crashing
  • Saturated market makes communication occasionally difficult

Viberfor Windows

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