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Online gaming is another way to hang out with friends as long as you have the right tools. Communicating with your teammates during game play needs to be easy, safe, and fully integrated into your gaming experience. TeamSpeak is the industry’s premier online gaming communication program, completely customized for this purpose.

This in-game audio chat service allows you to communicate with your teammates, plan your next move, and strategize the win. In-game audio native to your individual game may likely be lacking in voice quality and functionality, putting crucial battles and games at risk. What if you have a PC but your gaming buddies have Mac or Linux devices? No problem, they are all integrated so you can team up however you’d like. Fully optimized for in-game audio, it has excellent voice quality, secure chat, and the ability to host your own private server, TeamSpeak is one of the best options out there.

A gamer no-brainer

With its crystal clear voice quality, built-in privacy, military-grade security, and limitless customization, TeamSpeak is the ideal in-game communication program.

Communication during game play is crucial. The last thing you want, when in the middle of an epic multiplayer battle, is to have audio issues or inability to talk to your team and plot your next moves. TeamSpeak comes in clutch, ensuring you and your team never skip a beat. Set up your own private TeamSpeak server, giving you the ability to talk to your teammates securely and privately. Admin rights allow you to choose who is in and out on your game chat, avoiding unwanted or booted players. This also protects your game and team’s privacy.

TeamSpeak installation is quick and easy. Accept a few disclaimers pertaining to licensing agreements, etc. and the installation is up and ready just a minute or two later. Once the interface opens, find tabs for 'Connection', 'Bookmarks', 'Self', 'Permissions', 'Tools', and 'Help' along the top. Connections tab allows you to connect or disconnect from the server, access the server list, or quit the program. The Bookmarks tab gives you options to add and manage bookmarks and to access TeamSpeak Public. Click on the Self tab to find capture profile, playback profile, hotkey profile, sound pack, set away, activate or mute microphone, mute speakers / headphones, change nickname, request talk power, set phonetic nickname, set avatar, and connection info. Under the permissions tab, you’ll find server groups, channel groups, channel groups of client, list all clients, privilege keys, and use privilege key. The Tools tab provides you access to identities, contacts, collected URLs, file transfers, invite buddy, offline messages, whisper lists, whisper history, client log, ban list, complaints list, server query login, server log, start recording, start multitrack recording, stop recording, install Overwolf, and options.

TeamSpeak’s user support options are comprehensive. Click the help drop down to access the TeamSpeak webpage, update your TeamSpeak account details, visit the TeamSpeak support forum, rent your own TeamSpeak forum, view change logs and licenses, and check for system updates.

The features of TeamSpeak are impressive. Users enjoy its spam-free commitment and anonymous usage, a rare attribute for software programs these days. TeamSpeak boasts military-grade encryption, giving you security confidence. Offline / LAN functionality exists as well, which is a huge differentiator among market competitors. Fully customize your user interface, adjusting it to your personal preferences. TeamSpeak gives you 3D immersive user positioning capabilities as well. TeamSpeak has a handy mobile app giving users portability as well. Break out of the voice conversation with the ability to privately direct message players.

System usage is important when choosing a gaming communication software and TeamSpeak is easy on the CPU. Users have access to unlimited sub-channels and file transfer. Control your own volume with individual volume control. TeamSpeak also supports gamepad and joystick hotkeys, another big differentiator. Direct message your teammates as well for additional communication opportunities.

Enjoy customization? Hundreds of user-created add-ons are available for download, or create your own custom add-on. Customize your sound and icon packs, plugins, and themes.

Where can you run this program?

TeamSpeak is compatible with Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, MacOS 10.12 or later, Linux 32-bit or 64-bit, Android Mobile Client 4.2 or later, and Apple iOS 8.0 mobile client or later.

Is there a better alternative?

Users can often communicate within a game, with less than ideal functionality. Within the game-provided communication, players can only talk within an individual game. So if they want to jump out of that game and into another, they have to disconnect, join the new game, and reconnect their chat. Also, if you and one other friend are teaming up with two strangers in a four-man team, using the in-game chat, you would have to talk to everyone on the team. TeamSpeak allows you to set up your own private, secure chat and invite only who you want.

Other external gaming communication platforms include Ventrilo, Discord, and Skype. None of these three competitors offer TeamSpeak’s military-grade encryption, offline / LAN functionality, the ability to host your own server, a fully customizable user interface, unlimited sub-channels, unlimited file transfer, or gamepad and joystick hotkey support. Overall, TeamSpeak has the most functionality and customization, making it the industry leader.

Our take

It’s no wonder TeamSpeak is the number one choice for pro gamers.Its next-level security encryption, private server, and other incredible features make TeamSpeak the Cadillac of gaming communication programs. Never again lose a game due to poor communication quality.

Should you download it?

Yes, download TeamSpeak if you want to take your gaming communication to the next level. If security, offline functionality, private server hosting, anonymous usage, mobile app access, and gamepad and joystick hotkey support are important to you, TeamSpeak is the only option you should consider. No, do not download TeamSpeak if you are using an alternative software and have no additional needs or desires from your experience.Overall, TeamSpeak is free and easy to download and use, making it a gamer no-brainer.


  • Direct messaging capabilities
  • Decentralized infrastructure
  • Limitless customization
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Mobile connectivity


  • User interface aesthetically lacking
  • Data latency leads to audio lag

Program available in other languages

TeamSpeakfor Windows


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