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WeChat: Stay in touch for free

WeChat is a popular free messaging service, providing you with a convenient solution for sending and receiving mobile messages even while you're at a computer.

WeChat features

WeChat brings you a cost-effective messaging service. You'll never need to pay airtime for messages as long as you sign up for an account using your mobile phone number.

  • Chat However You Like: WeChat lets you chat using text, photos, voice, videos, and even share your location. And, if you're into group chats, you can have up to 500 people in one!
  • Talk Face-to-Face: Enjoy clear voice and video calls with anyone, anywhere. You can even have a group video call with up to 9 friends at once.
  • Share Your Moments: Share your favorite photos and videos on your Moments feed. It's a great way to keep friends in the loop about what's going on in your life.
  • Show Your Status: Let your friends know how you're feeling or share a quick experience through status updates. It's a simple way to add a personal touch to your profile.
  • Express Yourself with Stickers: Have some fun with animated stickers featuring your favorite characters from cartoons and movies.
  • Create Custom Stickers: Make your chats unique with your own stickers and use the Selfie Stickers feature to add a personal touch.
  • Find Your Way Easily: If giving directions isn't your strong suit, WeChat lets you share your real-time location with just a button press.
  • Easy Payments: In certain regions, WeChat makes mobile payments a breeze with features like Pay and Wallet.
  • International Calls: Need to call someone abroad? WeChat Out offers super low rates for calls to mobile phones and landlines.
  • Talk Any Language: WeChat speaks your language, with support for 18 different languages. Plus, it can translate your friends' messages and Moments posts.
  • Privacy Matters: WeChat takes privacy seriously, certified by TRUSTe. You have control over your privacy settings for a secure experience.

In one quick sync you can see who's already using it from your contacts. WeChat is excellent for sending files between friends and work groups but doesn't support video or audio files.

WeChat is available on PC as well, giving further use to the file sharing option as you're able to share any file type. On PC it looks and feels the same as the mobile version, meaning you don't get confused with how to use it. To use the service on PC, you need to have the mobile app accompanying it.

Syncing mobile and computer applications is easy. The computer version will display a QR code that you need to scan on to your mobile device. But once synced you'll be able to connect with the contacts available on your phone.

WeChat is multi-functional, going beyond file sharing and messaging to give you the power of sending your latest selfies and pictures or expressing yourself with emojis.

If you don't have the space to install the desktop version or if you're using a public PC, you can simply use a browser client and log in. 

Is WeChat and Weixin different?

WeChat and Weixin might sound similar, but they're not the same. Weixin is for users in mainland China, while WeChat is for people outside China. They work on different systems and servers to give users the best experience based on where they are.

Our take

WeChat is a great app for messaging and file sharing, especially since it can be synced with a desktop version of itself, letting you share entire photo albums in one compressed folder.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you're looking for a convenient file sharing method, this application is perfect for you. Being able to sync it with your computer only makes it a better app.


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful file transfer tool
  • Excellent screenshots


  • No audio support
  • No video support
  • Limited number of friends

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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