Gajimfor Windows



A free multi-platform fully-featured Jabber client

Gajim is a full-featured and multi-platform Jabber client that is available in twenty nine languages. You can log messages, encrypt them, and it is stable enough to be installed on hundreds of servers.

Who does Gajim suit?

This program suits people who want to communicate through Jabber, especially if Jabber is the only approved IM transport within your workplace or company. It is open-source, which makes it extensible, and is best suited for people with a background in IT and communications because it is not easy to use or install.

Does Gajim suit people who use several IM services?

Probably not, you should use something like Gaim for things like your Yahoo, IRC, ICQ services. Though Gajim has more features for Jabber.

Are messages encrypted?

You will need a plugin if you want encrypted messaging services, and they may conflict a little with the fact that logs are recorded by default. You can also get plugins for things like free spellchecking features and user status updates.

Our take on Gajim

This is a fully-featured tool that you can install on a variety of servers and still have it work very well, which means it is very stable. Considering that this is a free instant messaging program, there is no downside to downloading and using it.

Should you download it?

If you have the technical knowledge required to install it, and if you do not mind bringing it up to speed with plugins, and if you do not mind the sparse GUI, then it is a definite yes, you should download this program.


  • A Windows Windows client that supports server message history.
  • Has a slew of extensions and plugins.
  • Corral all your instant messaging IDs in one application.
  • Very stable on a variety of servers.


  • Has a sparsely populated GUI.
  • The interface looks very dated.
  • OMEMO is not naively supported and needs a plugin.
  • Plaintext logs are not available.

Program available in other languages

Gajimfor Windows


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