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ICQ Review

ICQ is a messaging app that can connect with a lot of social media websites, and it features chatting, video calls, and SMS. Chat with anyone over the internet, individually or in group chats.

Connect with your friends

ICQ is still one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Set your status, form group chats, and make free video calls.

Since its development, ICQ has become very popular. Even though there are many similar applications where you can chat and make video calls. 

This app offers social network support, which means that you can connect your social media accounts. It also has a new feature that suggests people you might know through common friends. ICQ is still one of the most popular instant messaging apps. Set your status, form group chats, and make free video calls!

ICQ offers a variety of communication tools such as chat, video calls, SMS, social connections to Facebook, Google Talk, Google Mail, offline messaging, emoticons, and more!

Communicate in any language! It supports multiple languages so that you can talk with anyone over the Internet.

The interface of ICQ has changed a lot during the years, but a number of features remain the same. The list of contacts is still situated on the right side of the screen, and the status menu is at the bottom.

This program works by giving the users a Unified Number Identification (UNI), these numbers remain linked to your email. Recover your contacts easily by requesting your UNI.

Where can you run this program?

Download ICQ on Windows, MacOSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Since 1998, many messaging apps have launched; such as Skype and WhatsApp. These newer apps work a lot better and have a much modern interface. However, ICQ was the base for all of these applications.

Our take

ICQ was the starter for all the modern messaging apps. It was very popular for its innovative features and the ability to communicate faster. Message or call your friends in just one click.

Should you download it?

Yes, this app takes up less storage than the newer applications. It works just like any other messaging app, you’ll find a use for it!


  • Free to use
  • Group chats
  • Easy to install


  • Infrequent updates
  • Strange interface
  • Slow startup

Program available in other languages

ICQfor Windows

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