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TV Empire Tycoon by Dreamsite Games is a management simulation game that puts you in charge of a small television studio. You’ll use the resources you have, your skills, and the expertise of your coworkers to turn the small network into an audiovisual broadcasting empire through hours of engaging gameplay.

Tycoon management genre

Management games are among the best ways to relax while still feeling like you’re spending your time productively. The tycoon subgenre is especially popular, with titles like Two Point Hospital and Not For Broadcast taking the mobile world by a storm. 

This title takes the same tycoon gameplay approach, placing you in the shoes of a television producer of a tiny studio. Your ultimate goal is to grow it into a massive network through any means necessary. 

A gripping storyline

As you improve facilities, hire staff, and expand your reach, your network will slowly flourish. Each new area makes room for new projects and opportunities, inviting makeup artists, TV hosts, and better producers to become a part of your team. 

Of course, no growth happens without a well thought out business strategy and intelligent investments. The game represents the industry in great detail, while the cartoonish graphics add a fun element to the plot.

Realistic gameplay mechanics

The gameplay mechanics aren’t hard to grasp, but they’re highly realistic and match the storyline well. From hiring managerial staff to janitors to signing contracts, it’s on you to use the available features and watch your empire expand.

The game runs smoothly and displays new opportunities with each choice you make. However, the performance can sometimes lag, which can get annoying when you have staff stuck in front of the coffee maker instead of performing their tasks.

Our take

Overall, although the lags and interface crashes could be annoying, this game is well-executed and highly entertaining. Its in-depth plot is super-immersive, making you truly wish to build that TV empire. 

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an idle management game to help you wind down but that’ll still engage you with its story, TV Empire Tycoon is a fantastic option.

TV Empire Tycoonfor Android


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