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Realistic driving simulation on Android

Car Simulator Vietnam by Web3o Technology is a realistic simulation that drops you into the scenic Vietnam streets. It’s a simple game, but it keeps the representation authentic and features interactive, providing a full-blown driving experience across crowded streets in Vietnamese. 

A faithful simulation

This game puts accuracy first in its representation of Vietnamese life. It seats you in the country’s most commonly driven cars, focusing on various Toyota models.

Since you’ll be seeing the world through your virtual windshield, the developers made everything about the cars’ interior details authentic. Multiple real-life features, such as folding mirrors, electronic locks, panoramic sunroofs, and a GPS gadget, boost gameplay engagement. 

There are many vehicle customization options, letting you fiddle with the various aspects of your ride. You can change the license plates, paint job, seat positions, and even headlights. 

Realistic gameplay 

The developers kept this title down-to-earth. It resembles Euro Truck Simulator and Bus Simulator Indonesia, with simple, real-life tasks for you to perform while traveling through authentic Vietnamese streets. 

You’ll mainly transport people and luggage across town. The traffic and weather conditions keep the gameplay somewhat challenging, although the difficulty can plateau after a while. 

The controls are intuitive, presenting you with a steering wheel and a full-featured board with everything you’d see in a real-life car. If you don’t like the touchscreen option, attach a game wheel or a joystick for greater accuracy. 

Accurate yet low-quality

As you’re driving around diverse environments, you’ll get to enjoy accurate 3D rendering of the real-life streets of Vietnam. However, while striving for precision, the game is compromised on quality. The inside of the vehicle looks great. However, the assets, environments, and textures outside the car are flat and almost two-dimensional.

Our take

Overall, Car Simulator Vietnam could be much better. The tasks quickly get repetitive, the surroundings are far from astonishing, and the whole experience soon becomes too dull to continue.

Should you download it?

No. You can find numerous better-developed, better-looking Android driving sims. Unlike this one, many are also free of charge.


  • Interactive driving simulation
  • Realistic vehicles and environments
  • Highly customizable cars
  • Accurate visual representation


  • Subpar graphics
  • Simplistic gameplay
  • No free demo

Program available in other languages

Car Simulator Vietnamfor Android


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