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Idle TV studio management game

If you’ve ever wanted to run your own TV studio, TV Empire Tycoon might scratch the itch. You can create programs that are rating hits and attract famous TV personalities. You’ll also expand your studio, manage staff, and produce unique shows in this idle management title.

Casual strategy

Management and idle games like Game Dev Tycoon and AdVenture Capitalist are popular for many reasons. They simplify exciting jobs into button presses and reward repetitive behavior. The key, though, is that they make these things fun to do.

The overall objective of TV Empire Tycoon is to get the highest audience share possible. A generous benefactor appropriately named William Cash walks you through a brief tutorial that lays out the basics: hire staff to create shows, improve sets, and grow the studio.

This primary gameplay loop gradually becomes more involved as you juggle budget, staff, and studio improvements. However, although some actions cost money, many cost energy. Once this is used up, you’ll need to wait a while until it recharges. 


TV Empire Tycoon’s energy meter and its daily gifts (e.g. in-game currency) are standards in many idle titles. You can speed things up, like building a new department, with gems. These are available via completing in-game tasks or with real money in the game’s store.

Luckily, it’s entirely possible to play the game without spending money. Everything takes longer, but the main missions aren’t affected. Otherwise, you can purchase things like profit multipliers, extra gems, and offline profit boosts. 

Offline earnings is a concept familiar to idle games. The idea is the system rewards you even when you’re not playing the game. It’s a weird angle but ultimately means that, while you’re waiting for a meter to recharge, you’re still ‘playing.’ When you next log-in, you’ll have, for example, more money to use in-game.

Our take

Idle and management games are a dime a dozen. TV Empire Tycoon combines both these genres into an easy-to-play, casual title that’s ideal for playing on a coffee break or commute. The chunky isometric graphics suit the theme, although the sound effects and music get repetitive quickly.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s free-to-play, but you don’t need to spend actual money as long as you’re patient.


  • Excellent graphics
  • Ideal for short play sessions


  • Occasionally frustrating menu layout
  • No way to zoom out

TV Empire Tycoonfor iOS


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