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WorldBox is a free sandbox simulation game where you create your own world and then populate it with people, fantasy creatures, and UFOs. Because it’s a sandbox game, you have free rein to create and explore in an open-world format. You may remember this type of gameplay from Godus, Yandere Simulator, and Idle World.

Is WorldBox free?

WorldBox is a freemium title, meaning that you can enhance your playing experience by paying for the premium features. If you want to stick to the free version, you’ll have to watch an occasional advert. Thankfully, the adverts aren’t too frequent or too long, so it’s bearable.

How do you download maps on WorldBox mobile?

The easiest way is to download them from Discord’s servers, for which you’ll need a free Discord account. Once you have one, follow these steps:

  1. In Discord, go to one of these WorldBox channels: Map conversion, Map downloads, or Cool Maps
  2. On your selected map, click on ‘map.jpeg.’ It will allow you to send a photo that will be converted to a map
  3. Create a folder called ‘Save [number from 1-30]’
  4. Move ‘map.jpeg’ to the folder you created
  5. Move the folder to your device’s internal storage
  6. Open the WorldBox app and locate the map you saved
  7. Save the map to make it appear in the game


Is WorldBox premium worth it?

Yes, it is, for two key reasons. First, it removes the ads. It’s always nice to play without interruptions.  Secondly, it’s a one-off purchase that unlocks additional civilizations and creatures. You can let your imagination run free by adding fantasy creatures such as orcs, dragons, and zombies.

Our take

WorldBox is an excellent game for idling away some time. It’s not too demanding, but it does enough to hold your interest. It’s similar to Godus, which is also available for Android. The pace of Godus is a little slower, so you’ll need more patience than with WorldBox. But if you’re looking for a god simulator game with more emphasis on strategy rather than action, the appropriately named Idle World! is a great option too.

Should you download it?

Yes. It’s a fun game combining strategy and creativity, so it’s easy to play for hours without getting bored.


  • Open world format allows unlimited exploration
  • Free to download and install
  • Great choice of civilizations and creatures


  • Some in-play features would make more sense in front of the paywall

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