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Free story-based Android game

Choose between many interactive adventures in this story game published by Crazy Maple Studio Dev. Whether the genre is sports, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama, or paranormal, you can delve into your fantasies. You’ll become captivated with intrigue and live out your innermost passions in this enticing game. 

Your choices matter

With each story comes choices, and with each choice, consequences. Choose the story that you want to play out in these interactive stories. Whether deciding to make some risky choices, like choosing love over reason or going on wild adventures, these expertly written stories will have you immeasurably engaged.

With each new game, you’ll get to select your character’s looks and give them a name

Deep stories

From the hit series Vampire Girl, you can become the ruler of the underworld while you try to find the perfect groom. Many charming demons will attempt to seduce you, but hopefully, you can prove that you have the wit and courage to wait for that perfect one? 

Live out the life of Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Explore themes of romance, adventure, and fantasy, and become the unlawfully good savior the people need. 

Additionally, you can delve into the complex and passionate world of a handsome billionaire. You’ll have to discover who this enigmatic man is while fighting your past.

Weekly updates & age restriction 

The game is updated with new exciting stories every Monday and Thursday to ensure that you always have something new to enjoy. That said, the game has many stories containing violent themes, sexual suggestiveness, and other potentially inappropriate content. 

It’s recommended that players be at least 16 years of age.

Our take

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a fantastic app to engage in both your love of reading and passion for gaming. You won’t be able to wait to see what other brilliant stories they introduce. The only pet-peeve is that you have to watch ads to earn diamonds and that the game limits continual play as you need tickets to start a story. You also get rewarded over time, though.

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Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re an avid reader and enjoy video games, Chapters: Interactive Stories is for you. 


  • Lots of stories to choose
  • Active community
  • Brilliantly written stories


  • Continual play restricted by ticket system

Chapters: Interactive Storiesfor Android


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