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Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) by Maleo is an Android simulation game that puts you behind the wheel to drive through various Indonesian cities. The 3D graphics and realistic environment design make a bus driver’s job seem incredibly engaging, creating an immersive gameplay experience for players

Authentic simulation

BUSSID approaches gameplay more like Euro Truck Simulator instead of Driver: San Francisco, without introducing exciting elements between peaceful drives. It’s similar to Bus Driving Simulator on Android, though.

There is a single-player campaign, as well as an open-world-style mode that lets you select a city and drive freely across the map. 

There are several camera angles to give you an amazing look at the realistic Indonesian locales. Even the vehicles resemble the ones seen on the country’s streets. The only place where the game falls short, in terms of realism, is the traffic system, which lacks authenticity. 

Choose one of the pre-designed busses or create your 3D model using the vehicle mod system. Unfortunately, the game is prone occasionally to glitching; it can even get worse with unique vehicles.

Tycoon single-player campaign

The campaign mode works like any other tycoon game you might have played. It has you start from scratch, driving a rudimentary bus model and completing routes. You earn money for every successful drive, which you can use to purchase new vehicles or upgrade the one you own.

A certain amount of funds makes it possible to create your own company. Apart from driving, you’ll hire others, develop new routes, and upgrade vehicles, all to succeed at the business. 

Multiplayer gameplay 

BUSSID is free to play by yourself, but you can also enjoy it in multiplayer mode if you subscribe to the Ultimate League membership. It includes gold, terminals, and busses, pitting you against other players and displaying everybody’s progress on the leaderboard. 

In this case, you’ll need an internet connection to play, as all data is stored online. Drive the busses you purchased in singleplayer or upload your 3D-developed model to stand out from the competition.

Our take

Despite its performance issues, BUSSID is an entertaining title for anybody who’s enthusiastic about bus driving. It’s a fun experience, especially if you try multiplayer. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy driving sims. This game is a fantastic way to practice your skills while enjoying authentic Indonesian scenery.

Bus Simulator Indonesiafor Android


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