Car Parking Multiplayerfor Android


Much more than a parking simulator

The deceptively simple name makes players think that Car Parking Multiplayer is a straightforward simulator. It’s an immersive experience with parking elements instead, entertaining and realistic.


The virtual streets of this game are an incredibly engaging way to develop your driving and parking skills.

This 3D simulation game allows you to ride around and perform parking and driving tasks. The open-world environment is quite detailed, too, although the graphics aren’t the best.

While playing, 82 real-life challenges related to operating a vehicle are yours for finishing. Alternatively, you can walk out and explore the city.

When it comes to your ride, the game lets you choose among 100 different models, all customizable in performance and aesthetics. The visual auto-tuning features make the personalization quite enjoyable.

This game has two modes, singleplayer and multiplayer. You can race against real players, exchange cars with them, and communicate in real-time using voice chat.

The mechanics are intuitive and realistic. You’ll see the controls on the main screen, displaying the brakes, shifter, and accelerator.

You perform all actions as you would in a real car, spinning the wheel and setting the shifter in the right positions. While it might seem tricky at first, it’s helpful for new drivers, and the open-world mechanic makes it easy to find an empty street and practice.

However, the gameplay can sometimes feel repetitive even when you discover all available options, making it better suited for shorter play sessions.

Where can you run this program?

The game is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Android 4.7.0, and iOS 12.9 and later versions of the operating systems.

Is there a better alternative?

No, Car Parking Multiplayer is the best simulator of this kind. However, good alternatives exist, including Real Car Parking: Parking Master, and Gas Station: Car Parking Sim.

Our take

While the driving and parking challenges are the core of this game, it feels more like the GTA series for law-abiding citizens. It’s surprisingly gripping even with the downsides.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you like driving games. It serves a double purpose, showing you the ropes of the useful, real-world skill and entertaining you through real player interactions.

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Car Parking Multiplayerfor Android

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