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An Android bus simulator

Bus Simulator: Ultimate, developed by Zuuks Games, boasts realistic routes from all over the world for you to explore. You’re able to build your business over various countries as you slowly become the largest bus company in the world. 


With detailed coach buses, comprehensive interiors, realistic passengers, and various other small details, this bus simulator will fully immerse you into the world around you. You can listen to over 250 radio stations as you drive through different weather, experience realistic traffic systems, and cheekily honk your horn at some slow drivers. 

Over the course of the game, you will drive through toll roads, receive reviews from passengers, take rests at designated rest areas, and overall find yourself intensely immersed. As you build and grow, you’ll be able to establish offices in many places all around the world. You’ll travel the United States, Russia, Italy, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, and others with realistic city maps to match. 

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is also available in online multiplayer. 

Game controls

This Android game boasts relatively simple controls, with a basic start & stop button, break and acceleration buttons, and touch controls for turning left and right.

Subscription & other information

The game is available after a free 3-day trial. As long as you maintain your monthly subscription, you can play multiplayer. You’ll also gain weekly bonuses and remove ads from the game. The yearly membership provides the same benefits as the monthly membership. Your subscription will auto-renew unless specified otherwise.

The app is available on Android devices running 5.0+ and boasts in-game purchases to boost your experience.

Our take

Bus Simulator: Ultimate is an excellent game with an immense number of maps to explore. It’s immersive and has a lot of realistic features. It also allows you to manage your bus empire from the convenience of your cellular device. 

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy simulator games, you should download this bus simulator. For a similar experience, you can try World Bus Driving Simulator.


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Realistic features
  • Lots of different weather conditions
  • Travel around the world
  • Create your own empire


  • Cities can look too bland

Bus Simulator : Ultimatefor Android


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