Blue whale VRfor Android



Teach your kid a thing or two about marine biology. This VR app for kids is both educational and engaging. This cutting-edge technology can be used for enriching purposes as well as revolutionizing educational experiences.

Marine life illuminated

You're in for a treat; explore marine life from the comfort of your sofa.

Fusion produces lifestyle-related content that features the gripping parts of everyday life.

This Blue Whale VR app from Fusion Media Network, not to be mistaken for the infamous blue whale challenge, creates an immersive experience that takes you to an underwater escapade. Find yourself swimming among these sea creatures with a hyper-realistic feel all thanks to virtual reality.

The male narrator tells stories that puts focus on the largest animals on earth. You will be taken on an adventure and learn various whale facts along the way. This 3 minute VR experience is sure to create a bond especially if you have a kid who has a fascination with marine life. You’d wish you had this technology around when you were growing up.

Whale anatomy and their survival habits are just some of the interesting things you can learn. The app also tackles how humanity has affected and continues to affect the erratic population of these 160-ton creatures.


After a while, the app gets a little bit dull. However, it can be used for relaxation.

White noise enthusiasts will take joy in the app’s ambiance. You can also hear whale singing and the sound of the deep sea in the background as the calm storyteller guides you in your journey. Since the scenery is set in the blueness of the water, the background may come off as soothing to a lot of people.

Where can you run this program?

Take the plunge by downloading this app on any Android device. You do need a VR device to get the full experience.

Is there a better alternative? 

BBC Earth released an app that can entertain and educate children. The Life in VR app is free. You can use it to explore places like the California Coast where you will have a cute sea otter as your guide.

Our take

The imagery found in the app is captivating. With that said, this is good for novelty purposes but that's about it.

Should you download it?

Yes. Download this app to enjoy a one-of-a-kind educational trip.

Blue whale VRfor Android


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