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TikTok Lite is the smaller-scale version of the popular TikTok video entertainment app designed for Android. TikTok Lite is a stripped down and less demanding version of its parent app, taking up a tenth of the space with the majority of the primary features still intact.


TikToke Lite, much like its parent app TikTok, allows users to view, share, like, and comment on various 12-second long videos. The app is designed with low data usage in mind, making the app smaller and easier to navigate. The app takes up around 30 mb of data compared to the parent app’s average of 300 mb.


Unlike the original TikTok app, TikTok Lite doesn’t allow users to upload, edit, or otherwise perform administrative actions regarding their own videos. Uploading videos from your phone or otherwise modifying your account will require downloading the original app. This wouldn’t be as much of an issue if the app didn’t make false claims by advertising a creator studio or having an upload button left over from the original app’s GUI.

Alongside this is the TikTok app’s general level of disdain towards a wide community. The app has garnered a large amount of ridicule for both the content of the site and the overall handling of the system. The app has also come under fire by governments around the world, being banned in India with attempts to do the same in the U.S.


The competition for TikTok Lite is essentially the same as TikTok itself, though we’ll consider the lite version of competitors if possible. Instagram and Likee, specifically Likee Lite, are the most prominent competitors of the TikTok Lite app.

Instagram allows users to share images, gifs, and videos among a massive network of friends and strangers. The app has seniority to TikTok, which means that it can be easier to get started on there. Unlike TikTok Lite, this app allows direct uploads.

Likee Lite is functionally identical to TikTok Lite, but less well known. The biggest difference between Likee Lite and TikTok Lite is that the Likee Lite app allows for direct uploads.

Our take

TikTok Lite is the lite version of the popular TikTok app. The app has been gutted down to the basics to the point of being a poor facsimile of the parent app. Without the upload function, there’s essentially no reason to use the app.

Should you download it?

No. The original app and alternatives are superior.

TikTok Litefor Android


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