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The League is a dating app that screens its subscribers. It states that it is designed for people with high standards. You are approved based on your job title, the college you attended, and other information that you provide, or that is gleaned from your social media accounts like Linkedin.

Picky profile browsing

The League aims to provide a quality dating pool for those with high standards, but in the process have placed too many boundaries on making matches.

The unique selling point of this dating app is its selective nature. It’s appealing because the people on the app will be interested in dating, and in theory, you should meet a match that has a similar status and background.

However, that does mean waiting for the approval process to complete, and many cities have long waitlists that stop you from getting started straight away.

Since the app integrates with your social media profiles, it understands more about who you know and what you do. The strongest feature that makes it stand out is actually the community feel.

If you are attending an event, you can connect and meet up with other people attending. In fact, the way the app encourages you to have interactions in person or outside the app also contributes to a quality dating-focused mentality.

The elite nature of the app backfires in certain instances. It’s common for matches to be unsuitable as they are located too far away; this could be a result of a smaller pool of potential matches. The other consequence of having limited choices is that matches don’t happen very frequently. The League is easy to use overall, but does have some errors that result in the app freezing or crashing.

Where can you run this program?

The League requires Android 4.4 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. For lots of matches, try Tinder, or for a quality dating alternative, try CMB.

Our take

The League is a promising concept. However, despite the community aspects, the emphasis on interaction, and the more selective matching style, it’s too hit-and-miss. You need to stay active in the app to continue using it, but may find that you are checking it frequently without any results, so patience is required.

Should you download it?

No. There are faster approaches to getting a match through other apps.


  • Match filtering
  • Community aspect
  • Encourages interaction


  • Inappropriate matches
  • App errors
  • Infrequent matches

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