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With the official Gmail app for the iPhone, it’s easier to write and read emails. The clean and practical design of the app is backed by support for multiple accounts, instant notifications, and several other features. As compared to competitors, Gmail app is the most complete tool for emailing.

Everything you need to stay connected!

It’s the perfect app to check your mails on the go.

Over a period of time, Google’s email client has become a strong offering for the iOS. While the native Mail app in the iPhone lets you connect to Gmail accounts and other services, the official Gmail app provides plenty of features to keep you hooked.

Getting started with Gmail on iPhone

It’s easy and quick to get started with Gmail. Once you’ve logged in to the account, you’ll notice a Menu button, a ‘compose email’ button, and a clear view of the inbox. Right beneath the inbox, the search field lets you dig deeper into your emails and saved drafts.

The app comes with a wide range of features, picking most of the USPs from the browser-based version. It’s easy to read mails and explore threaded conversations.

With the priority inbox, you can keep track of the most important messages. Similarly, starred messages allow you to keep everything organized. There are also labels and archives, which keep your data and emails structured.

Some other features include the ability to receive and send attachments, intuitive search functionality, infinite scrolling inbox, and autocomplete for contact names. Additionally, you can respond to calendar invites from within emails and manage multiple Gmail accounts.

Integration with Google apps

While Google’s not very quick with sending updates, the previous one brought some welcome changes. If you click a link, your iPhone opens the corresponding Google app, if it has been installed on your device. It saves you the trouble of manually typing or copying a URL in the browser. Simply put, YouTube links will directly open in the Youtube app, location links in the Google Maps app, and so on.

It has been quite a change from what’s been usual for Apple. Historically, the company has been particular about other brands using core Apple apps available on the device.

You’d definitely prefer the seamless integration with Google apps like YouTube and Maps. While you might be fine with using the links in Safari, it could be tedious and time-consuming. Gmail app gives you the ability to choose specific Google apps you want to launch on clicking links. Just click the ‘settings’ button to explore.

Keep your emails sorted

One of the biggest advantages of using Gmail is that all your emails will be sorted and categorized. With tabs like Primary, Promotions, Social, Forums, and Updates, you won’t have to worry about manually creating multiple labels.

The ‘Primary’ tab saves emails from family, friends, contacts, and direct messages. As the name suggests, ‘Social’ categorizes updates from social networking channels. With ‘Promotions’, you get a good idea about sales pitches and subscriptions.

Gmail goes a step ahead to categorize your receipts, statements, and bills. Just click on the ‘Updates’ tab to check the details. Last but not the least, ‘Forums’ keeps you informed about the latest news from several forums you’re subscribed to.

Cut back on a few notifications

Gmail allows you to customize notifications as per your preferences. This saves you from constant vibrations of the device. The ‘settings’ tab lets you choose to continue receiving notifications for all messages. You can also customize settings per-account basis, or get rid of notifications completely.

Though it doesn’t sound like a big deal, if you receive a lot of emails from friends, family, and colleagues, it could give you some relief from the ringtone constantly buzzing in your ears. The in-app settings tab allows you to customize many features as per your usage and interests.

As compared to its competitors, Gmail has the cleanest and simplest interface. It also lets you send attachments, customize notifications, and use predictive text for composing emails. If you have a Google account, there’s no need to look for another email client. Gmail app for iPhone will be an excellent choice.

Where can you run this program?

Gmail for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires version 11.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

While Gmail is a great app, you might be looking for a few alternatives. Outlook, one of the most popular email clients, has a ‘Focused’ inbox. It prioritizes your emails and gives more importance to emails from people you interact with frequently. However, setting up the app takes a lot of time and the interface looks cluttered.

Edison, another good choice, lets you block senders who’ve been bothering you with too many emails. Additionally, you can customize notifications for specific senders. Though it’s a good app, privacy and data security have been some serious concerns. If you use multiple email accounts, Airmail is the perfect app to bring them all together. It gives a unified view, which makes it easier to keep a check on all your emails. The only drawback is that the app isn’t free.

Our take

Gmail is well-organized, and the interface is easy-to-use. You can sort messages by categories and tags. Since the app has several filters, it’s easier to locate all kinds of emails. Another good thing is that Gmail categorizes your emails as Primary, Promotions, and Social. Last but not the least, integration with Google apps is a big thumbs up. Overall, if you’re planning to use Gmail app for iPhone, you won't be disappointed.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! The Gmail app has almost every feature available on the browser-based version. Predictive text, ability to manage multiple accounts, save attachments, and customize notifications make Gmail the only email client you need.


  • Integration with Google apps
  • Clean and practical design
  • Separate inboxes categorized as per mail type


  • Slow in deleting large number of emails
  • No updates for a long time
  • Ads can be disrupting and annoying

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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