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The Raya Dating app is a free social media dating app that provides exclusive access to members. Much like Clubhouse, you can only join via an invite and after a long waitlist of reviews. Once accepted, you’ll have to choose a subscription option.

The app is called the Tinder of the celebrity world since many top actors and musicians have registered accounts. It lets them share their personal and professional lives with friends, families, and close fans. It’s for this reason that Raya was created, to create a safe social media environment without being harassed.

Exclusive access

The dating app has an exclusive access model, meaning that you need an invite or you need to apply for an account. Your submission joins a waiting list that can take months to review. If you’re successful, you’ll receive an invite with an option to choose between one, six, and twelve-month subscriptions.

Liking others for a message

You’re able to like other profiles on the Raya Dating App, giving that person an indication that you want to connect. If they agree to chat with you, they can like you back. That match opens the portal for the two of you to privately message each other, and also your feed will be filled with their Instagram posts.

Top features of the Raya Dating App

While the predominant feature is sharing posts, videos, and images, there are other tools you can use. There’s a handy map that displays how far a member is from you. You’ll also have security from unwanted attention or messages, which is what the paid subscription covers.

Our take

Raya Dating App can be entertaining and exhilarating, especially if you’re in the celebrity universe. Even if you’re relatively unknown, you still have a chance to gain access to this social media platform. However, it doesn’t guarantee that you can message your favorite pop star. You might install it simply to wait months for a rejection.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you feel you have a chance of acceptance. Otherwise, there are better platforms out there to stalk your celebrities.


  • Join top celebrities
  • Exclusive access for reserved members
  • Share content with followers
  • Find your match and send messages


  • Extremely long waiting list
  • Only for invited or approved members
  • Can only use with a paid subscription

Rayafor iOS


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